Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler was a German politician who was the leader of the Nazi Party, Chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945, and F├╝hrer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. As dictator of Nazi Germany, he initiated World War II in Europe with the invasion of Poland in September 1939 and was a central figure of more.


Adolf Hitler was just a simple man with righteous goals. He wanted to fix the German economy and damn it he did that. He wanted to expand Germany to its former glory by reclaiming its stolen land and more and Hitler was on the right track. He wanted to created a perfect society where Aryans can peacefully live in by eradicating threats like Gypsies, homosexuals, Jews, etc. This act of eradication can be easily compared to acts by God. God himself wanted to create an ideal world by killing all the other sinners with the flood, sparing noble Noah and his family. What goes to say Hitler was in the wrong when he was merely following in God's footsteps? Hitler was not only the smartest man in the world, his power is similar to that of any Holy Deity. His speeches brought pride back into the once broken and poor Germany.

My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God's truth! Was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison. To-day, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before in the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice... And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it is the distress that daily grows. ...more

Hitler was an Aries/Taurus, which are very passionate about being number 1 in everything they do! He was rejected as a painter or artist because his works were too vibrant and was Post Modern Impressionism. Had he been born during the hippy eras, where they were into that vibrant technique, he would have been looked up to but people were just not into that at that time frame yet. After he was rejected in school, he put his passion into another possibility and became the most ruthless leader in history! Yes, the way he did things was wrong. Yes, how he killed many innocent people was wrong but this was not his objective. Many people don't understand that an Aries passion goes beyond the approval of others. They have to be #1 at all costs. I, myself, am only an Aries. I have such passion in everything I do. I, however, do not have a Taurus which helped him finish what he started. Many of my passions die out eventually and I lose interest before completion. He didn't!

Didn't have to go far to see who was the 2nd man who risked his life besides Galileo Galilee. The last true leader the world may ever see. Being he came from a middle class home, autodidact, was homeless, incarcerated and before you give me ... about him losing WW2. He not only was fighting against a 7 nation army, even the countries of his allies had enemies of him waiting in the wings (jewish communists and masons) ( the leader of his Intelligence Agency the Abwher, Canaris was a traitor). It was his intention to overthrow what was an obvious drain on his culture and society and economy, in an attempt to save them all and expand on them. He took one of the biggest risks in history and almost succeeded. As you can see now by the multi cultural movement in all european countries its no wonder he was dead set against allowing his country becoming a mixture of ethnicities that had no concern for German culture, heritage or history. It is no surprise the first people he booted out (and ...more - ubermensch88

I can't imagine a single person who revolutionized the modern world more than Adolf Hitler. Through all of recorded history, the superior Hebrew race has been attacked, persecuted, and killed by their inferior neighbors out of jealousy and spite. Long have they suffered and endured the burden of being God's chosen people, and no one was more aware of that than Hitler. History paints Hitler as a villain of unprecedented evil, but he was really a martyr for a greater cause. By turning the world against himself and persecuting the Jews, his own people, in such horrifying ways, he finally opened everyone's eyes to the truth: Hebrews weren't the enemy, every other race was. It was thanks to his immeasurably selfless sacrifice that the Judaic people now have a country to call their own, taken rightfully from the corpses of filthy Palestinian children after an Israeli bombing raid. Modern Zionists are also now allied with the greatest world superpower: the United States of America. Thanks to ...more

Hitler united a country wallowing in economic depression, hopelessness, and a sense of utter defeat at the Allies defeated their kingdom in World War 1. From the ashes of complete desperation, he rose to create the most mighty military machine in history. The forces of Nazi Germany saw combat with the whole world, fighting the hordes of men thrown at them by the USSR, the tactical machinations of Britain and United States, and the subterfuge of the French. All by Hitler's creation.

It is indeed a tragedy that one of the most skilled orator and politician in history, next to Augustus of Rome himself, built his legacy on the atrocities his regime committed. One can only imagine with awe what wonders his country could of made under him, were he to of committed to other political agendas. None other moved humanity into such a vast knife of progress, but none other moved it into a quagmire of hate and violence.

Only Hitler could of held the hilt of that knife.

Hitler was indeed a very decent man for starting the holocaust, his work to reduce the amount of Jewish scum stealing the jobs and money of other decent Europeans (not just German, which also is a very redeeming quality about him) hitler also didn't only do what was the only right thing to do then Europe was under attack of Jews, but he also taught the people of Europe that despite the brutal nature of his program that is was the right thing to do, I doubt anyone would ever manage to do that on a mass scale today, in addition to this, hitler also taught humanity that Jews are not real people, which is considered valuable knowledge to this day

Look what this man did. Adolf Hitler barely had a formal education, and with nothing but his charisma and knack for stringing passionate words together, he completely changed the entire world. Not just a country, not just a continent, but the entire world. Anyone who cannot see the pure and natural genius of this man's mind is simply closed minded and, therefore, ignorant. This is a man who saw a nation crumbling right in front of him, and instead of accepting it, he took his knowledge and compassion and created a Germany more beautiful than it had ever been before. Without Hitler's exquisite mind, we would not have made such magical advancements in math, science, and medicine. Anyone who doesn't salute a man that that had the mental capacity to follow his dreams, no matter the hurdles he encountered, doesn't deserve to fill their lungs with the oxygen of this earth. If a great man like Hitler were alive today, our world might have a chance. Where is Hitler when you need him? Where ...more

Adolf proved brilliantly capable of convincing an entire nation that the cause he stood for was a just, and fair view. This proves that this man had an exemplary skill of speech. Additionally he was a great tactician, as he almost single-handedly controlled the Nazi Army.

A leader of intelligence. No stupid man would win the trust of a nation the way he did.

Adolf Hitler's brilliance is unmatched, a homeless man rejected and left alone by all, rises to be head of state of a nation and people he loved dearly. Uncorruptable, courageousness, father-like; He stood up to all of those who value money and exploitation over their fellow man. If he had succeeded I guarantee we would not have the problems we have in the world today.

After WWI, Germany was the hardest hit out of any of the nations on the losing side of the war. The German mark became worthless and the nation's people were in disarray. Then this fine gentleman, and more than likely the world's greatest and most passionate orator, stepped into power. He transformed Germany from a nation on the brink of collapse to the most industrious and prosperous nation in Depression-ridden Europe. However, today he is remembered as the most infamous and evil man alive because of his more ruthless actions during the Holocaust. Even though what he did may have been wrong, anybody in his position would have done the same, or at least attempted to, as antisemitism was very prominent in Central Europe at the time. Other than this, Adolf Hitler was a brilliant orator and military strategist. He turned crumbling nation into one of the strongest in the world. Without him, Germany would have succumbed to the Depression and would not exist as it does today.

Adolf Hitler was a great man who got a bad rap for trying to advance the position of Germany and improve its financial situation after the nation financially after it plummeted to the depths of economic despair after the treaty of Versailles unfairly economically punished the nation in addition to naming German the sole agressor in the war

Adolf Hitler. Not one man in the history never going to be like Hitler. not any government goes to does to he is own country peoples nation and every body in general what Adolf Hitler does to he is nation. To the last each one of every one. All peoples there was agree and happy with Adolf Hitler. the all Nation in the Street walk and fallow Hitler He is was the only one that walk in the Street like these. with all freedom and not one body security to Hitler body. It is unbeliever it was unbeliever How the full Nation Love with the all spirit and the hart Adolf Hitler of course. Hitler was the best of the best to every singe person to every body to the Economy. To the all county peoples. To the All nation. To All in general. Hitler was Hitler to the last one of All. Not Any one Man more well to be never like Hitler was. To me Hitler is not only one ERO to the History. Hitler grater good thing Never goes to be one part of the pass History. Hitler be Always goes to be Remember not only ...more

Helped Germany overcome a massive economic disaster. Had the ability to unite a whole country under one single philosophy. Made Germany a military superpower literally from the ashes. Began one of the most expensive and effective anti-tobacco movements throughout history. Nazi Germany was the first country to ban vivisection in the world, enacting a total ban in April 1933. Moreover, in 1934, a national hunting law was passed to regulate how many animals could be killed per year, and to establish proper 'hunting seasons'. These hunting laws have now been applied in most western countries. Finally, Nazi Germany had one of the largest public welfare programs in history, based on the philosophy that all Germans should share a standard of living.

1) He unified the German people and helped them regain their sense of pride
2) Stabilized the German economy and eliminated foreign debt
3) He instituted the standardized schedule
For the German train system and a standardized measurement for rail cars
4) Created the modern autobahn system
5) Encouraged the development of the Volkswagen
6) Instituted the Kindergarten system
7) Encouraged the development of jet aircraft, and rocket development.
8) There were many important medical findings in the concentration camps, which are not exactly publicized because they were discovered through horrible torture. The main fertility drugs used by couples today to conceive, were developed in concentration camps.

For a simple failed artist hailing from a small village in Germany, Hitler was an impressively smart (not to mention EXTREMELY DASHING) man with limitless potential. Despite having little to no experience in politics and the like, he managed to pull Germany out of an unprecedented economic slump, unified Germany under one banner of strength and pride, and amassed one of the greatest forces ever to exist on European soil.

He was also extremely forward-thinking and insightful, as proven by his decision to eliminate the Jews, the source of all the modern world's problems. Imagine a world where Hitler's dreams are fully realized. What a great world that would be.

The term "evil" is a relative term. Evil compared to Jesus? Probably. Evil compared to Satan? I say nay. As far as his accomplishments go, Hitler came close to doing something no other individual could even think of doing. Leading a nation to nearly world domination and just about accomplishing the extinction of an entire race. Vote Hitler 2013

Hitler was obviously a brilliant manipulator of people, his economic policy has been also been grudgingly accepted by people of all political leaning as one of the most brilliant. For example Germany's recovery from the great depression was the fastest of any nation. In 1938, four years after the Nazi's came to power Germany boasted an impressive 0% unemployment rate.

Ah, my hero Adolf. He was a truly inspirational man whose intelligence let him be known as one of the most influential men in history. Hitler should be on this list, simply because he was as powerful as he was a remarkable human being. His Aryan Nation idea should still be used today. Such a great, well spoken individual.

Well what can we say? Hitler a man of charisma, great ideologies and a true veteran of selective breeding. He pioneered a self sufficient country which helped provide many homeless Jews with shelter and bread, he stopped hyper inflation, he was too lazy to invade Britain as he just didn't care about the tiny little island. He wasn't scared not to pay fines, he took land that rightfully belonged to him. This man was a true pioneer for delivering land, goods and wealth which so rightly belong to his beloved blond Germans. Hitler my friend kutos sir kutos

I think he was a very smart individual because he was able to convince a whole nation that his ideals were the true and only that should be followed. Sure he was an evil guy but his power of manipulation was extraordinary.

If not Adolf Hitler then who? It is a question that doesn't require an answer. We should promote that person vie Stalin. Probably one of the biggest heroes of Germany, wanted to bring frutility for everyone. And now look how they blame him for all the bad things that ACCIDENTALY happened. Modern Napoleon.

He's the hero Europe deserves, but not the one it needed back then. So they'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Definitely should be at the top of this ranking. Jesus christ shouldn't even be here seeing how we're talking about people that actually existed. Hitler was looked at as a bad guy for doing what he did, but how can he be hated when all he tried to do was create a new world of only the purest of people. We would have no crime, no drugs, a world where people could raise their children to grow up to be great, not crackheads and scum of the Earth people.

Snappy dresser. Great moustache.

Killed Jews. What's not to like?

It's very rare to see that someone with such artistic talent could be so practical and can comprehend the whole of the modern world so well. He was a rhetorical genius, his speeches had a perfect pace and articulation, while they were fiery passionate at the same time. He could understand the political system well and use it to bend his will, but in the same time he never abandoned his ideals and always followed what his heart dictated.

I think we all know well his strategical talent; and even after he lost to the massive preponderance of his vengeful foes, his ideas, his vision and his morals still have a huge impact on the modern society. And hopefully in the future, people'll be mature enough to live up to his ideals and establish the utopia he dreamt about.

Until that we must pay our respect to the man, the dreamer and the doer. There might be scientist who had larger IQ, but the Chancellor was special gift to humanity in whom IQ, EQ and SQ reached an all-time high. ...more