Charles Darwin

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Charles Robert Darwin was an English naturalist and geologist, best known for his contributions to evolutionary theory.


I'm voting for Darwin because I can't believe Hitler is above him in this list. I wonder if the people who voted for him ever read Mein Kampf. I doubt it because that piece of trash reads like the diary of an angry teenage virgin. There's no way someone who reads it can consider its author smart. And contrary to what a lot of the people commenting there said, he didn't come up with the idea of the superhuman, that was Nietzsche. Hitler took it and twisted it to meet his sociopathic goals. He needed to provide some background from a truly intelligent man, in order to be taken seriously. So if you're voting in a list of the smartest people ever have the decency and respect to educate yourselves before you make yourself look like you belong in the list of the top ten dumbest people. A powerful orator is not the same as a smart man. Hitler is the poster boy for that.

Charles Darwin was not only the one man with the observational skill of a genius, (I'm making this statement because of how he realised the similarities in species and how the slight differences where difference of one environment), but he also managed to apply his observation to come up with such logically beautiful and seemingly flawless theories, at least so far. He's understanding of humanity is relatable to Hitler, Napoleon, Jesus, Buddha and Shakespeare. Although his achievement's have not have an impact that is evident, he as well as the philosopher Montaigne where among the first to tackle the subject of sexuality and his idea's inspired so many sexologist, as we know call them, to make there theories that have brought equality among the sexes, and is freeing sexuality today. These ignored facts about Charles Darwin may shin some light on the true greatness of this character.

Here is a guy who was raised believing one thing... Yet, through careful observation and relentless execution of logic and reasoning, he came by a more accurate interpretation of the world. This new interpretation was at odds with the conventional wisdom and his own upbringing, and took true courage to present to the world.

Charles Darwin is not only a genius; he's a hero.

The man was an academic of profound depth and experience and study. His works set the foundation for a truly groundbreaking theory which has been vastly informative and enlightening. The quote, "Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in The Light of Evolution" only partially demonstrates his effectiveness to the scientific world.

He is the most important person personally to me as many of my life choices have been based on the Theory of Evolution. So who ever asked why he's on that list this is why; he was smart enough to put the pieces together to come with a theory of evolution then announced it to a society which he knew would not take it lightly.

Everything we see in nature, everything we see around us, leads to evolution. And this great man, Charles Darwin, saw it. Thanks to him, the world makes more sense now. We can truly appreciate the beauty of life on Earth and understand how it came to be. The principle of survival of the fittest, variation, and all other things to do with evolution. It is truly amazing.

An incredible intellect, not only did he come up with the theory of evolution by natural selection, but he was one of the first brilliant scientists who could communicate hypotheses clearly and efficiently both to the scientific community AND the public. His theory has remained virtually unchanged in the last 150 years, a testament to his genius.

He stabbed the 19th/20th-century-mankind in their arrogant backbone of thoughts of better races. If there would be more people, who understand, that we are all equal, there wouldn't be that much racialist violence in the world.

So many people haven't still learned what this man taught us. Should be number one for the reason, that everyone needs to learn what he knew. I hate to even think about the idiots who argue this mans work, cause they simply are too dumb to accept that they themselves might be wrong

It is an undisputed fact that Jesus in fact existed. All of academia believes so. Jesus's existence is no more disputed than the existence of the ancient pharaoh's of Egypt. That being said, the accomplishments of Darwin irrevocably changed the human perception of biological processes for the better. Natural selection is a statistical anomaly that must occur.

Between Charles Darwin and Sir Isaac Newton, for me, it has to go to the guy who pisses on the parade of the fundamentally challenged.

It's a sad day, when Charles Darwin plays second fiddle to Jesus... I will admit, if he even existed, that Jesus was a genius, in terms of tricking ignorant individuals, even thousands of years after his death. Darwin up, Jesus down.

Guys, there is no doubt that Charles Darwin was one of the most shockingly brilliant brains of our age. However he did not come up with the theory of evolution, he just made it in to the theory it is today. He didn't actually invent it, he made it popular.

Are you kidding me? Darwin was unquestionably smarter than most of the people on this dumb list. And... Jesus never existed.

Created a theory based on fairy tales and false scientific evidence.
In order for something to be scientific it must be able to be:
Test and experimented in other words: Empirical evidence.
Evolution has NO evidence at all, to claim such a fantasy as everything evolved "billions" of years ago how can you observe, experiment, or recreate at that prove it true? You cannot, and if you cannot observe and experiment, then it is now no longer science (Gravity) But fantasy (Religion)
EVERY single evolutionist out there has to "belief" in it, just like a Christian believes in God.

I have to say, he was an average smart man, but number 8 is giving him was too much credit.

He was smart enough to not be tricked by the majority of people to believe in creationism.

Bravery to publish his work in the eyes of deeply religious critics is to be admired

He wa a smart man! You know with the birds on the islands and they had diffrent beaks he found it out and they flew and some ate insect and other the fish! And maybe we would not even have the birds on the human planet if charles did no discover everything on the islands many years ago...

Evolution, Natural Selection, Speciation. Science, bitch.

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I know I'm writing this in the wrong box but nikola tesla was a man a so yeah

Charles Darwin, just a bit better than Alfred Russel Wallace

His ideas in biology have forever changed our understanding of the world around us.

Just barely edged out by Hawking, but still a genius man.