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Sir Isaac Newton PRS was an English physicist and mathematician who is widely recognised as one of the most influential scientists of all time and a key figure in the scientific revolution.


Isaac newton is one of the most intelligent person in history if not the most intelligent one. intelligence itself is very difficult to describe and asses, many experts today believe in multiple intelligence, however when comparing human intelligence with artificial intelligence some forms of intelligence are easily recognised as harder to replicate artificially, the ability to quickly process information, understand highly complex information and solve problems is the most difficult forms of intelligence to replicate artificially at a high level. when it comes to that Isaac newton is recognised as the most intelligent person there is, now let us consider his intellectual feats, Newton was foremost a physicist, and in his day, he tackled many difficult issues in physics, probably the most famous of these issues is gravity. Newton is known for developing the laws of motion and gravitation. When trying to describe how an object falls, Newton found that the speed of the object increases ...more

He did in three months what mathematicians and philosophers had tried and failed to do for almost 2000 years. He invented integral and differential calculus because of a question posed to him by a friend, about why the planets orbit in ellipses and not other shapes.

His compilation of mathematical explanations as to why nature works the way it does, otherwise known as, "Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica" (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy), or simply known as "The Principia", is widely regarded as the most important scientific textbook of all time. His laws of motion, optics, and universal gravitation completely revolutionized our understanding of the natural world, and are still in use today. Without them, we would have never left Earth for space, and we would not know anything about the orbits of planets.

Any science or engineering student (like myself) can attest to how difficult these concepts are to understand by simply taking a Classical ...more

Sir Isaac Newton had a curious mind all his life, but, as the legend goes, it wasn't until an apple fell on his head that he was truly struck with inspiration. However, he quickly determined that the level of mathematic that existed at the time was not sufficient for him to work out the nature of gravity, so he invented the calculus. As a result, he quickly derived the law of universal gravitation, the law of cooling, and many more, most famously the laws of motion. His book, "Principia Mathematica", still remains one of the most influential texts in recorded history. This was all completed before his 26th birthday.
So, an apple falls on the head Isaac Newton, so what does he do? He scratches his head, invents the most advanced form of math that exists today, solves the mystery of gravity, creates the laws of motion, which had been previously debated over thousands of years, writes one of the most influential books in history, and then celebrates his 26th birthday. Personally, my ...more

There's no debate when it comes to Isaac Newton. Try to visualize and comprehend the achievements of this man, even if a fictional writer was trying to create a fictional genius in his writing, he would not use the achievements of Newton because it's too ridiculously impressive and unimaginable. Bear in mind the time and era from which newton was, he had to conceive everything from scratch. The man spent a significant amount of his time writing about alchemy and religion, this is to show how little people at that time knew, and how limited he himself was. Imagine what newton would be able to do today. No one has made such big leaps of understanding in the history of mankind.

I really don't understand how people can mix religion with knowledge. Jesus Christ? Muhammad? I mean (and this is saying if they were real) why didn't they use their intellect to help us like any of the other people here have done. Albert Einstein, basically created all we know about physics. Stephen Hawking, revolutionized what we know about the universe. Isaac Newton, single-handily created calculus, probably the most important thing mathematical concept we have. These are real genius', NOT some religious figure.

Isaac Newton had three times as much religious writings than he did scientific. If you look at men with the highest IQs in history, basically all of them believed in God, Isaac Newton included. You just sound sour, knowledge and wisdom are two different things and you're not contributing either.

Come on, Sir Isaac Newton found that light is actually the three primary colors of light (Green, Blue, Red). And then he has a very unique quality about himself, HE ACTUALLY LOOKED GOOD. He may not have invented E=MC squared, or the black hole theory, but was a genius in Math, Astronomy, and other awesome crap that the world wouldn't have an idea without him. Genius people from today had to eventually go back to his work to figure something else. Have I mentioned he's awesome?

When somebody challenged him to explain why planets orbited in an elliptical fashion around the sun, he said, "let me work on it." A few months later he had an answer and in order to provide that answer, Newton CREATED CALCULUS. Most people struggle through years of learning it while Newton invented it in only a few months. Also did I mention that he did this before he even turned 26 YEARS OLD?

Unlike Einstein, who always had to have assistance with the mathematics of his work, Newton refused to work with many other physicists of his age, deeming them not intelligent enough, and many of the best mathematicians of his age stated that Newtons output in mathematics was greater than the rest of the world combined. Newtons created the bones of relativity, discovered gravity, and invented calculus, and all of that considering science and mathematics was a hobby

All other geniuses stood on the shoulders of giants to lay groundwork for their discoveries, Newton and only Newton started at ground zero and with only 20 percent of his interest and effort invented the very foundation's of modern physics, he was so brilliant he invented the very tools to mere out his discoveries. Please, all that came after wouldn't have the very foundation's of modern science to discover squat.

NDT explained is so well. First, Newton discovered the laws of optics, how white light is composed of all rainbow colors, how they recombine into white light. Then he figured out the laws of motion. Then he formulated the laws of universal gravitation. When someone asked him why planetary orbits are elliptical, he went away for a few months and came back with the explanation about conical sections, which he produced by inventing integral and differential calculus. Then he turned 26.

He basically invented physics--Newtonian mechanics--and disproved the fallacies purported by the ancients. In order to invent physics, he had to invent calculus (the most useful branch of mathematics for studying the world). His work has affected all scientists, mathematicians, scholars, businessmen, engineers, innovators, and great men who succeeded him. Without Newton (and Leibniz, who also independently discovered calculus, but did very little with physics) we would be nowhere today and Einstein would have nothing to study or discover.

Isaac Newton, this is a man of intelligence. Who could have ever thought about his theory if he never concluded about it? Maybe someone that lived thousands of years later, but then we wouldn't even understand the concept of gravity without him. To my opinion, Isaac Newton should be either top one or two for most intelligent person.

He was one of, if not, the most intellectual scientist that this world ever known! Yet, no one really had an idea until he died. Not, to mention the pressure he had from extremists and dictators in Britain that time, which forced many of his great discoveries to remain hidden and out of public reach, whereas some still until today!

Newton invented calculus, revolutionising mathematics, that alone should earn him a place on this list, as well as that, he took what Keplar did, explained it, and then went on to almost single handedly discover everything there is to know about gravity, small things which he could not have known, due to the available technology of his time, were only fixed by Albert Einstein, who, although not as smart as everyone believes, was still ridiculously intelligent, and a man who deserves a spot on this list, needed two mathematicians to help correct newtons small errors, and this is two hundred years later, with far more advanced technology, Einstein then went on to take large amounts of the credit, leaving Newton unrecognised as the smartest man to ever live.

While Einstein drew upon other people's experiments, and had to have people to assist him with the mathematics of his experiments, Newton invented calculus, so in addition to being a great scientist, he made massive contributions to maths as well, if the mystery of Gravity was a jigsaw, Kepler would have put together a couple of pieces, Newton would have done the majority of the work, and einstein finished up the last few pieces.

Albert Einstein should be 3 under 1. This guy and 2. Tesla. Newton invented Calculus, discovered laws of optics and motion, and came up with the theory of gravity all by himself... Before he turned 26! Einstein's pinnacle was in his late years! Come on guys, this guy had twice the brain Einstein and Tesla had.

My physics teacher told me "basically Newton invented physics, but there weren't appropriate mathematic tools to compute results, so he invented them as well"

This guy was quite a good scientist, I'd say

He lived in the 16th century which at that time lots of people were biased and very stubborn yet he created the 3 laws of motion, discovered gravity and proved that sunlight was full of colours. Thank you apple

He defined how people saw the world for the next three centuries, and was partly responsible for string theory. He was president of the royal society, discovered the laws of motion and explained gravity. Name one person, who could do more than that.

Amazing to think that the man who developed calculus and discovered the laws of motion did it in his free time. Newton was more into alchemy and religion than physics. Just think what he could have done if he devoted all of his time to science.

Newtons three laws are a prime example of why he is the worlds smartest person ever. The principia and how he changed the way we think about physics and gravity. Isaac is at least in the top two.

Let me tell you a story. Hay Isaac why do planets move this way. Let me get back to you on that. A little bit latter, got it it's all right there in black in white. Wow how did you figure that out? Oh I just invented calculus. Just invented it like it was nothing to him.

Calculus, laws of motions that are still used in the macroscopic world and a formula of gravity. He started the debate that was to become the wave particle duality. He laid the mathematical and physics foundations that all geniuses to come would rely on.

He is super clever I love his intelligence he is awesome I wish I met him I'm not really sure how Einstein is more clever then Isaac Newton because Isaac Newton Discovered Gravity

This guy not only revolutionized physics as we know it, he also invented calculus overnight on a dare. In my opinion, he is the greatest scientist ever, so that makes him the smartest ever. Science wins!