Ranking 2016's Billboard Year-End Hot 100

"2016 made me wanna 20-kill myself" - TheDoubleAgent, 2016

I finished this in two hours.

#100. Closer: The only reason this isn't -1 point is because I've relegated that to only top 20 rankings. It's a sloppy, confused, hedonistic piece of trash that should never have been unearthed.
#99. Work From Home: Why...dark, sludgy, awkward garbage complete with breathing noises and plagiarism.
#98. Me Too: I don't hate this cheap, fake, egotistical audio torture as much as everyone else.
#97. Pop Style: Worthless. Completely and utterly. Even with the Jay-Z and Kanye West version, this might be Drake's worst song.
#96. The Hills: Yep. Still awful.
#95. Really Really: I'll get to more on THIS turd later, but it really speaks for itself.
#94. Treat You Better: Manipulative, drudging, awkward, nice-guy garbage.
#93. We Don't Talk Anymore: zzz...
#92. Sit Still Look Pretty: Psuedo-feminazi anthem. From the same girl who made a...
#91. Hideaway: Nice girl anthem.
#90. Gold: What even is this?
#89. Watch Me: Yep. Still awful.
#88. Just Like Fire: Pink, why are you a white 37 year old woman rapping in Fight Song But Worse?
#87. Wicked: Future barely even tried with this and still barely made the year end. Also, three watermarks.
#86. One Dance: This really bores me.
#85. Hotline Bling: This really angers me.
#84. White Iverson: Justin Bieber, is that you?
#83. Don't Mind: Racist, sexist, tactless.
#82. NO: Wow, this is low.
#81. One Call Away: As is this.
#80. Cake By The Ocean: Basslines everywhere!
#78. Middle: This is really annoying.
#77. On My Mind: Ellie, what happened to you?
#76. Ex's and Oh's: Yep. Still terrible.
#75. Low Life: Abel, what are you doing?
#74. Exchange: Bryson Tiller.
#73. Don't: Bryson Tiller.
#72. Down In The DM: Relisten to this in a few years and then watch your sides fly into revolution because this'll sound so aged.
#71. Same Old Love: Dark, creepy, overplayed, just plain horrendous in every way.

#70. Starving: Ew.
#69. 2 Phones: What is this. Seriously, what is this.
#68. Me Myself and I: Amazing production, absolutely awful lyrics.
#67. Send My Love: Incredible how the worst song off of 25 would be the one that Adele chooses as a followup to When We Were Young, the best song off 25.
#66. Can't Stop The Feeling: Completely broken.
#65. 7 Years: Yeah some things I got wrong, but it's still insufferable.
#64. Stitches: So...this is a song.
#63. Controlla: AIRHORNZ!
#62. Perfect: Evidently not.
#61. HOLY: High On Loving You
#60. Sorry (Justin Bieber): Insufferable, pretentious, catty garbage. Even the beat's kinda bland.
#59. For Free: I had to pay for this.
#58. All The Way Up: Pretty decent novelty at first, now it's just annoying.
#57. No Limit: Welcome to 2016, where Young Thug can outstrip Usher on this own song.

#56. Cold Water: Justin Bieber.
#55. Let Me Love You: Justin Bieber.
#54. PILLOWTALK: Suffice to say, this shrunk on me pretty slowly. It's pretty boring now.
#53. Unsteady: Yeah this too. Sentiment's still good though.
#52. Needed Me: I really wanted to like this...but between the sub-bass and the awful lyrics...no.
#51. Die A Happy Man: Plagiarism of Thinking Out Loud, but it's...soothing I guess.
#50. Work: I've actually taken the opportunity to analyze the lyrics, which I actually quite like, but still...this song just sounds atrocious.
#49. Hands To Myself: Another one that's really faded off on me. For no real reason, I'm just sick of it. Doesn't have a lot of replay value.
#48. This Is What You Came For: Overplay.

#47. Cut It: So bad it's good.
#46. Panda: So bad it's good.
#45. Lost Boy: I still don't get the metaphor!!!!
#44. Let It Go: A song.
#43. Too Good: Great beat, awful lyrics.
#42. Broccoli: It's pretty telling that even Lil Yachty couldn't completely keep down a song that would have been #1 here without him.
#41. Jumpman: Top 20 material...without Future.
#40. Dangerous Woman: Give this to Janet Jackson or Nicki Minaj, you could have had yourself a top 10 song. Now, it's just passable.
#39. What Do You Mean: Still like the direction Bieber's headed, but muted tropical house isn't the best way to stand to overplay.
#38. Like I'm Gonna Lose You: Painfully inept, but incredibly sincere.
#37. Lean On: Terrible everything, but amazing everything.
#36. I Know What You Did Last Summer: Give this to people who can sing, you have yourself a masterpiece.
#35. Can't Feel My Face: Still fun, but doesn't hold a candle at all to its influences.

#34. Stressed Out: Yeah it's still the worst song on Blurryface, but yet it's still better than 66 songs that became hits in 2016. Is that a statement on the year or twenty-øne piløts?
#33. Say It: How can you not love this?
#32. Luv: How can you not luv this?
#31. Love Yourself: Still stand by everything I've said positive about it, but it's aged pretty badly.
#30. Cheap Thrills: Yeahhhhh this too.
#29. I Hate U I Love U: Shouldn't have been a duet, but still solid.
#28. Don't Let Me Down: Drop is terrible and lyrics are a tad awkward, but still endearing and epic, especially the final drop.
#27. See You Again: Surprised this barely crossed over.
#26. My House: I guarantee you I'd hate this in any other era.
#25. Hello: Writing's still kinda sloppy but other than that it's the greatest song ever.
#24. Here: Pretty condescending, but I can't tell you how refreshing it is to hear a trip-hop song charting in 2016.
#23. 679: Why did this guy have to sell out?
#22. Hymn For The Weekend: Absolutely terrible, yet somehow absolutely incredible.
#21. Antidote: Dark, brooding masterpiece.

#20. Humble and Kind: I like this song. I don't know why I like this song.
#19. OUI: This song is the greatest thing ever conceived.
#18. Close: Heavy, thunderous, meticulous, sharp, everything I want from both artists.
#17. Wildest Dreams: Now that I've set my 2015 bias aside, I think I'm finally ready to admit that I absolutely love this.
#16. Never Be Like You: Absolutely atrocious.
#15. All In My Head: Fifth Harmony made a legit amazing song. And it's almost entirely because of Fetty.
#14. Roses: I never said I couldn't like a Chainsmokers song.
#13. Never Forget You: Zara Larsson is...well, was...perfection to music.
#12. Into You: Basically pop perfection.
#11. Side to Side: Deliciously dirty, and incredibly catchy.
#10. Adventure Of A Lifetime: Who would've thought that of all people, Coldplay could make probably the most fun and laid-back song of 2016?
#9. I Took A Pill In Ibiza: Fitting that a depressing song about Mike Posner's struggles of being a one-hit wonder made him NOT a one-hit wonder.
#8. Tiimmy Turner: I don't care what anyone says, look into the lyrics and feel the chills.
#7. Sucker For Pain: Nothing about this should work. You'd expect a collaboration this big and mismatchy to make something awful, but...
#6. Sorry (Beyoncé): Not even one of my five favorites from the album.
#5. Heathens: twenty-øne piløts.
#4. Ride: twenty-øne piløts.
#3. In The Night: The Weeknd's magnum opus.
#2. When We Were Young: THIS should have been the big breakthrough for Adele.
#1. Starboy: Daft Punk and The Weeknd did it again. They each made masterpieces yet again. The reason I'm not giving it a 6 is the same reason I didn't give Closer a -1.

And the score is...227/500.

Screw 2016.


Good ranking

mine's coming... - ProPanda

Yay! - WonkeyDude98

So this is better than 2015 and 2014 in your opinion? - AlphaQ

Definietly not 2014... - ProPanda

And as for See You Again, it peaked for the year at #41, and was on for ~14 weeks. I'm surprised it made it at all - ProPanda

Same, - WonkeyDude98

Also turns out Lost Boy has no metaphor, it's just a story - ProPanda

That helps, actually. Not enough to elevate it a tier, but still. - WonkeyDude98

Why did I hate Starboy? - Martinglez

Why did I only think it was good? - WonkeyDude98

I initially thought Starboy wasn't good but hearing it a second time made me love it. - Zizz

Die 2016 - Martinglez

Why is starboy on the top? Starving and more good songs are placed so low...and also I hate never forget you...ranking is not right - 0744rose

Lol - WonkeyDude98


Https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=opK55Vu7sAc - djpenquin999

How about you die - WonkeyDude98



die - WonkeyDude98

2016 = murder - visitor

For obsessed metalheads. - Zizz

You really love Wildest Dreams? - Zizz

Yes I do. - WonkeyDude98

You can't dislike a song like that to be honest. I love Wildest Dreams! - Zizz

Starboy is addictive. - FieryKnightFloyd

I still find it ironic that your two least favorite songs of the year are my two favorites.

Also, I hate Antidote. - visitor

Closer actually grew on me lol, move it in between NO and Don't Mind.

Understandable, it doesn't necessarily make itself an easy song to like. - WonkeyDude98

Well we all have to agree on something positive about Justin Bieber. He doesn't use autotune

Speaking of Rusty Beaver. I have completely no idea on who's worse between JB and Future. They both aren't so good - AlphaQ

Yes he does lol - ProPanda

What song does he use autotune? - AlphaQ

Sorry, Where R U Now, any of his older songs, etc. - ProPanda

I'll have my ranking of the iTunes Top 100 Songs of 2016 up eventually. - visitor

Given that I Hate U I Love you has fallen into the SCRUB TIER, that drops the score to a 223/500. Screw 2016. - WonkeyDude98

Starboy's beat is awesome despite the lyrics being hilariously misleading and generic for the Weeknd. - MrQuaz680

Not really. It's meant to insult people who only pay attention to the beats. - WonkeyDude98

Why am I one of the very few people who find This Is What You Came For bottom-two worthy? - visitor

Because it's not? It's an okay pop song. - WonkeyDude98

It's in my bottom 10 - ProPanda

I'm too lazy to rank the entire thing at this moment, so here's the top 10 and bottom 10.

Top 10 Best:

1.) I Took a Pill in Ibiza
2.) Humble and Kind
3.) Starboy
4.) In The Night
5.) When We Were Young
6.) Here
7.) Hymn for The Weekend
8.) Adventure of a Lifetime
9.) Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
10.) Starving

Top 10 Worst:

1.) Work From Home
2.) This Is What You Came For
3.) Back to Sleep
4.) The Hills
5.) Can't Stop the Feeling
6.) Pop Style
7.) Don't Mind
8.) 2 Phones
9.) Pillowtalk
10.) Low Life - visitor

The ranking isn't entirely accurate anymore, so here's mine too lol:

10. Hide Away/Watch Me (can't decide which is worse)
9. Sit Still Look Pretty
8. White Iverson
7. Wicked
6. Treat You Better
5. Really Really
4. The Hills
3. Pop Style
2. Me Too
1. Work From Home

10. Into You
9. I Took A Pill In Ibiza
8. Tiimmy Turner
7. Sorry
6. Ride
5. Heathens
4. Starboy
3. Broccoli
2. In The Night
1. When We Were Young

(by the way the score is now 222/500, combining dropping Unsteady and Pillowtalk to the BAD TIER but raising Broccoli to the GREAT TIER) - WonkeyDude98

Top Ten Best
1. Antidote
2. Ride
3. Adventure Of A Lifetime
4. Don't Let Me Down
5. In The Night
6. Into You
7. When We Were Young
8. Starboy
9. I Took A Pill In Ibiza
10. Roses - ProPanda

Top Ten Worst
100. Treat You Better
99. Hide Away
98. Heathens
97. Work From Home
96. Sorry
95. Love Yourself
94. We Don't Talk Anymore
93. Wicked
92. Really Really
91. This Is What You Came For - ProPanda

Make Wicked 98 and White Iverson 97, pushing Heathens up to 96. - ProPanda

Update: Replace The Hills with Closer (and move it to No.10) - visitor

Mine (not including 2015 hits):
10. White Iverson
9. Don't Mind
8. Wicked
7. One Dance
6. For Free
5. Back To Sleep
4. Me Too
3. Don't
2. Really Really
1. Pop Style

10. I Know What You Did Last Summer
9. Same Old Love
8. I Took A Pill In Ibiza
7. Don't Let Me Down
6. Hymn For The Weekend
5. Humble and Kind
4. Tiimmy Turner
3. When We Were Young
2. Into You
1. Roses

If I included 2015 hits, Watch Me would be #5 on the worst list, and Like I'm Gonna Lose You, Wildest Dreams and Here would be #10, #9 and #4 respectively on the best list. - Samosaurus

The Hills is now in the GREAT TIER and the score is 227/500. - WonkeyDude98