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261 This Town - Niall Horan

Absolutely underrated song but it quiet boring because was driving by folk acoutic guitar. Luckily several DJ make a few remixes of this song and I little enjoy it now. - BeaM456

262 FDT - YG

I'm gonna blast this when Trump loses. Hell, I'll blast this even if he wins. - Mcgillacuddy

A rap diss to Donald Trump? Just what we've been waiting for! Just in time, too. - yaygiants16

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263 Shout Out to My Ex - Little Mix

This song is so catchy and I really like it yes it can be inappropriate but it's a amazing song should be place well higher

This should be at the top

Really?... - Hater

I like it

264 Bullet to the Brain - Megadeth V 1 Comment
265 Revolution Radio - Green Day
266 Shelter - Porter Madison, Madeon
267 Coming Home, Pt. II - Jackie Evancho
268 Something In the Way You Move - Ellie Goulding

America, why did you let this amazing song flop? For what? Justin Bieber? Please.

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269 Still Falling for You - Ellie Goulding
270 Doggy Style - cupcakKe

ARF! ARF! Arwf! ARF! ARF! ARF! ARF! - Worksponge

271 Zai, Ye Bu Jian - Stefanie Sun
272 Chunky - Bruno Mars

If 24k Magic was some really bland attempt to recreate Uptown Funk, then this is a bland Treasure. Although this was much more cringe worthy. 1/5 - ProPanda

This has to be one of the most fun songs of this year. Sure the lyrics are cheesy, but Bruno has the personality to sell it. Also, this is 24K Magic Pt. 2. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

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273 Ivy - Frank Ocean

I thought I was dreamin', when you said you loved me... - djpenquin999

Best song of blonde. very dreamy shoegazy sort of track with the distortion and reverb of the guitars.

274 I Exhale - Underworld
275 Rock Bottom - Hailee Steinfeld
276 Daddy Lessons - Beyoncé

This is somehow better and more country than most songs on country radio this year. How did that even happen? - Zach808

I like how Me Too is above this... - ProPanda

277 Look Alive - Rae Sremmurd

I like this. - madoog

278 Child's Play - Drake

This song inarguably has class discrimination. That is a disgraceful thing in a hip hop song or any song.

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279 When the Bassline Drops - Craig David

Should be much higher! Great production, Craig David's performance and even Big Narstie has a good verse. One of this year's best songs! 5/5

280 Atoma - Dark Tranquillity
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