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281 Spirits - The Strumbellas Spirits - The Strumbellas

THE most catchy song of the year. It's so cheerful-sounding as well! - jagman264

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282 The Great Divide - Rebecca Black The Great Divide - Rebecca Black

This actually isn't that bad. Sure, the drop sucks, and Rebecca sounds a little nasal, but this is miles better than anything she's released before. It's sad, longing, and actually might make up for Friday. - Spark_Of_Life

Her vocal is totally fine and maybe much better than Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez which are quite popular but have poor low voice. - BeaM456

This song is amazing, thanks Rebecca for improving so much!

Needs to be higher up. It's amazing.

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283 No Problem - Chance the Rapper Feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz No Problem - Chance the Rapper Feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz V 1 Comment
284 Pen Pineapple Apple Pen - Pontus Rasmusson Pen Pineapple Apple Pen - Pontus Rasmusson

Worse than the original! - Neonco31

I hate this song. - Powerfulgirl10

Where is the original? -Vestalis

NOOO die - AnonymousChick

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285 Cypher 4 - BTS Cypher 4 - BTS
286 Not Today (The Building is On Fire) - The Gregory Brothers & Michelle Dobyne

If you haven't seen it, look it up, it will make your day! - TheEvilNuggetCookie

287 Candyman - Zedd

Zedd teams up with Grey and Aloe Blacc for a future bass remake of that song from Willy Wonka for m&ms 75th anniversry? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

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288 Be Alright - Ariana Grande Be Alright - Ariana Grande

Why doesn't this evil racist go away?! I disliked your comment, by the way.

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289 Ain't Your Mama - Jennifer Lopez Ain't Your Mama - Jennifer Lopez

No wonder why this song like Meghan Trainor's work because she actually the one who write this song. - BeaM456

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290 None of Your Love - Boyboy None of Your Love - Boyboy

Summers starting with a cool, fresh breeze. Just chillin'.

Infectious and I can't stop listening. It's so good and I'm chillin' with ya!

Clever, good and chill vibe. Not a bad threesome. Pleasing!

Great sound and very different! I like it!

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291 Still Breathing - Green Day Still Breathing - Green Day

Billie's voice never ages I swear, 9/5. Nice lyrics, excellent beat - ProPanda

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292 Present Tense - Radiohead Present Tense - Radiohead

There are very few songs that I will call pop perfection. This is one of them. - SwagFlicks

293 I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd I Feel It Coming - The Weeknd

This song is amazing, and I'm not being hyperbolic. - Satire

I don't even know why, but somehow this, Starboy, and False Alarm all have this too-perfect charm that makes them cut through any critical faculties for me. While this isn't as amazing as either the piccolo and bass-heavy awesomeness of Starboy or the gritty, willowy False Alarm, it's easily the slickest, most fun song The Weeknd has ever made, and when you consider the content...well, that should be no surprise.

Fun fact: this sample is the first time I've listened to this. Thank you Abel, for being abysmal at YouTube. 7/5 - WonkeyDude98

294 Shut Up and Fish - Maddie & Tae Shut Up and Fish - Maddie & Tae

Shut up and fish is the dumbest title I've heard. I thought this was by Liv and Maddies and thought Oh no - AlphaQ

295 Fried Noodles - Pink Guy

Possibly pink Guy's best rap so far. - Jackamalio

296 Revolution Radio - Green Day Revolution Radio - Green Day
297 Love Can Go to Hell - Brandy Clark Love Can Go to Hell - Brandy Clark
298 Banshee - Santigold
299 Burn Fast - Bryce Fox Burn Fast - Bryce Fox

Great song! This is not getting radio airplay, Huh?

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300 Capsize - Frenship Capsize - Frenship
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