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361 All My Friends - Jacob Sartorius

As awful and deplorable as Jacob Sartorius is, I will admit this song is actually a little passable. It got a decent beat to it and Jacob Sartorius' voice isn't the torture type of bad unlike Hit Or Miss and Sweatshirt. What did hurt this song was the childish lyrics. So far, it's a 3/5 at best. - SelfDestruct

V 2 Comments
362 Stars - Skillet
363 LA Devotee - Panic! At the Disco V 2 Comments
364 Infinite (F.B.T Remix) - Eminem V 1 Comment
365 Running with Scissors - I See Stars

Great song, great album, great band. - somelifeonaplanet

366 You Can Come Over - Brandy Clark
367 Too Good - Drake

Its too good! this song always makes me move, and never gets old,..

368 Hell Naw - Nasty C

This is actually pretty decent though. Well yea. 5/5 - AlphaQ

369 Fire - BTS
370 21 Century Girls - BTS
371 Anchor Me - Decyfer Down
372 You Should Be Here - Cole Swindell

goo - 1796994840

Probably CS' best song, and is dedicated to his late father who was killed when a truck fell on him. by the way, it almost made me cry. - Katanaceilingfan

373 John Wayne - Lady Gaga
374 You're Welcome - Jordan Fisher

Now This Is The Type Of Movie Soundtrack Music I Like And Want To See, This Is Definitely The Best Song In The Soundtrack!, It's So Gentle!, 5/5 - VideoGamefan5

375 Jimmy Choo - Fetty Wap

I adore Fetty Wap as much as I do but I think this song is from 2015 - AlphaQ.

376 Back to Me - Daya
377 Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing - Tori Kelly
378 She's Out of Her Mind - blink-182
379 Reaper - Sia V 1 Comment
380 Chewing Gum - Nina Nesbitt V 1 Comment
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