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401 Hated - Beartooth Hated - Beartooth
402 Oh My God - The Pretty Reckless Oh My God - The Pretty Reckless
403 J'ai Cherche - Amir Haddad
404 Better Man - Little Big Town Better Man - Little Big Town V 1 Comment
405 Greedy - Ariana Grande Greedy - Ariana Grande

Nickelodeon turned Ariana Grande into a greedy Belieber, didn't she? She doesn't deserve to be praised for being racist, licking doughnuts and putting them back, being cruel to (the much more underrated and superior) The Cab and having these fake, childish bunny ears that Nat Wolff is going to masturbate to. I give this song a 1/10. If only Michael Jackson got praise. If you actually like Ariana Grande songs, I can respect your opinion.

Not gonna lie, while this is basically Into You with horns, this is unbelievably sexy. And cue the downvotes. 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

406 Too Good - Drake Too Good - Drake
407 Friends - Blake Shelton Friends - Blake Shelton
408 Fire - BTS Fire - BTS
409 Cocoon - Milky Chance Cocoon - Milky Chance
410 How Can I Love - Manika How Can I Love - Manika

Funny how the same artist who made I Might Go Lesbian also made a song about her rocky relationship

411 Second Son of R. - Oathbreaker Second Son of R. - Oathbreaker
412 Sledgehammer - Rihanna Sledgehammer - Rihanna

Even Though I Hate modern Rihanna, At Least this Song is an Improvemnet over Work - VideoGamefan5

413 Am I Savage? - Metallica Am I Savage? - Metallica
414 Azillion - Iggy Azalea V 1 Comment
415 Whole Lotta Lovin - DJ Mustard Whole Lotta Lovin - DJ Mustard V 1 Comment
416 Oliver's Garden - Electus
417 Outatime - Cyantific Outatime - Cyantific

What this is proper, sick, cold drum and bass. I'm unable to put it down. - PositronWildhawk

418 Funny - Chase and Status Funny - Chase and Status

A fourth album from the mighty Chase and Status this year. How promising. - PositronWildhawk

419 Consideration - Rihanna Consideration - Rihanna
420 Cantina Boys - Baauer

Star Wars Headspace was pretty underwhelming but this song really stuck out to me. Throw this on at any event with star wars fans and they'll go hard

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