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41 Daydreaming - Radiohead Daydreaming - Radiohead

1 million times better than Lukas Graham.

I'm not sure why I don't like this song. Maybe it has something to do with the weird reversed vocals that do actually nothing for the song? Maybe it's the fact that for as much as Radiohead and Thom Yorke would like to convey a rollercoaster of emotions the song never builds to...anything? Actually, probably both of those. 2/5 - WonkeyDude98

Better than Lukas Graham? I should hope so, considering that this is the band that put out OK Computer. The song's good, but they've done way better. - Zach808

This song,Jesus on a boat snorting coke with hookers, this song is incredible,when I listened to Radiohead's new album,I wasn't expecting that much,but when day dreaming came on it took me away to another place and it was weird very much so. I feel in love with it and it sent me to a weird spacey star laced dream world and I didn't even have to take drugs

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42 Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara

I thought Here was excellent but her vocals were a BIT weak in Here. In Scars to your Beautiful her voice was more powerful. Alessia Cara is very talented too. This is good and it has a good message but unlike All About That Bass it was excuted properly. I mean I'm alright with All About That Bass but it wasn't so well done but this on the other hand was VERY well done. 6/5 - AlphaQ

I wish more people would notice this song. It's so powerful, I love the message and everything.

Good song, but a bit overplayed - helloitsme

Meh, it's already worn out on me after the overplay. I still like Alessia's vocal performance. 5/10. - NiktheWiz

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43 Rotting in Vain - Korn Rotting in Vain - Korn

Korn's best song in my opinion, despite being around for so many years.

44 Never Be Like You - Flume Never Be Like You - Flume

This song is distinct and stunning. - madoog

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45 Hymn for the Weekend - Coldplay Hymn for the Weekend - Coldplay

This song is great and catchy, by the way it was released in January of this year so it is not from 2015

This is the BEST song of all time for me! Vote this up! - micahisthebest

This song is awesome. - Powerfulgirl10

Great Song! - BeastMan

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46 Atlas, Rise! - Metallica Atlas, Rise! - Metallica

This is, in my opinion, the best song of Mettalica,s new album and then better than all the bull that came around 2016

47 Cranes in the Sky - Solange Cranes in the Sky - Solange
48 Dreamers - MC Mario Dreamers - MC Mario
49 Freedom - Beyoncé Freedom - Beyoncé

This song is beautiful - Moorefamval

How is this song not higher this song is absolutely BLESS! - ThePhenomenalOne

50 Girl Loves Me - David Bowie Girl Loves Me - David Bowie

It's a great song, definitely. But top 20? I think it shouldn't be that high, especially above I Feel It Coming and Nikes. - Satire

51 Folklore - Big Big Train Folklore - Big Big Train

By far the best prog song of 2016. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

52 Hands to Myself - Selena Gomez Hands to Myself - Selena Gomez

0/5: I'm sorry I hate this. Selena vocals are seriously bothering me, the beat is weird, and those lyrics... - ProPanda

She doesn't sing, she whimpers, screams, then whimpers again.

How do I feel about this song? I have absolutely no idea and it's killing me. I like the beat, Selena's voice is better than usual but still meh, and the lyrics are...different, I guess, but absolutely terrible. - WonkeyDude98

I have to give this a 0/5 too. It's trash. The vocals make no sense and she is so screechy. - milmcgirl

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53 Smoke and Fire - Sabrina Carpenter Smoke and Fire - Sabrina Carpenter

This is the best song ever! Sabrina Carpenter is the only good singer that I've heard in a while. She is the only girl on Disney that is pretty. And Selena Gomez sucks!

Should be one! She is the best singer ever! Everything about this song is great! And her voice is amazing! My favorite song ever!

This is the only good song on this list besides Don't Let Me Down and Can't Stop the Feeling - sabrinafan

Why isn't this one? It is too good! Sabrina deserves better! - sabrinacorbrinajoshaya

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54 Enchantress - Two Steps from Hell

WOO Two steps making an appearance. - NymeriaWaters

55 6 Inch - Beyonce 6 Inch - Beyonce

I'm guessing she's not talking about a Subway - Hater

Is this about a Subway sandwich? - AlphaQ

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56 Fatal Illusion - Megadeth

It's really sad to see Rihanna and Justin Bieber higher than this masterpiece. - NikBrusk

Justin Bieber is better so no need to be unhappy with the ranks. - AlphaQ

Kickass song!

I suggest people they shouldn't see Ark-M lists.He trolls with us

This song is cringeworthy, and is NOTHING compared to Desiinger.

57 This is What You Came for - Calvin Harris This is What You Came for - Calvin Harris

It was annoying that this song was overplayed, and I like it. This Is What You Came For is good --- something 2016 needed. - madoog

This song is trash

This song is pretty good. - Powerfulgirl10

Not to sound like a hipster, but I really didn't like it. The chorus just repeats the word 'you' and the actual singing is autotuned. - AnonymousChick

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58 Cake by the Ocean - Dnce Cake by the Ocean - Dnce

With this song being a catchy pop song with Joe Jonas on vocals and me being the outspoken metalhead that I am, you'd assume I'd hate this song and would have only bad things to say about it. I figured that would be the case, but the honest truth is, I actually like this song. It's catchy, it has a nice beat, and the chorus is not that bad. My only two problems with this song are that A: It's got the dumbest title known to man and B: the lyrics are less than pleasing, but honestly, it's not that bad. It's certainly better than that terrible song Nick Jonas put out last year. - AngryByrd

I'll give it a measly 6/10. It has nothing to do with cake! - Catacorn

This is from 2015, and it's somewhat crappy. - Powerfulgirl10

1) This is from 2015 and solidly from there too, unlike other songs like Me Myself and I and Never Forget You.
2) This is tripe. - SwellowDude98

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59 Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

There is something about this song. - madoog

I'm allowed to prefer Disturbed and David Bowie over Ariana Grande and 5 Seconds of Summer. Yeah, I just said it.

Really only the chorus is good, but sadly, this year that's all its taking to be good.

Only the chorus? What about her vocals? The production and instrumentation? This song is so so good. - Johnny1248

Yes! Love that one! - SansTheComic

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60 Starving - Hailee Steinfeld Starving - Hailee Steinfeld

This song makes no sense. "I didn't know that I was starving til I tasted you"? What?

I...just have one question. WHO TOLD THIS ACTRESS SHE CAN SING? - theOpinionatedOne

This song gave me faith back in modern music.

I only like it because of the drop.Reminds me of chill trap

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