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41 I Don't Wanna Live Forever - Zayn & Taylor Swift

Why Is This Trash So High? , Besides Its From 2017 - VideoGamefan5

Before I heard this song I thought taylor retired. She was supposed to release an album this fall. She didn't. At least she has this song - helloitsme

I got bored of this song real quick but Zayn is better than the entire 1D combined - LightningBlade

0/10. Zayn, you bad voiced singer, you ruined Taylor's lovely voice in a still bad song for me :( - lovefrombadlands

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42 This is What You Came for - Calvin Harris

It was annoying that this song was overplayed, and I like it. This Is What You Came For is good --- something 2016 needed. - madoog

This song is pretty good. - Powerfulgirl10

This song is trash

The most generic song of all time tied with I’m The One, 1/5 - DCfnaf

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43 Emperors New Clothes - Panic! at the Disco

This doesn't have any actual meaning other than that Beebo is secretly Satan, but I really really like it. - AnonymousChick

This song BLEW ME AWAY! - toptenqueen

44 Bad Things - Machine Gun Kelly & Camila Cabello
45 Up&Up - Coldplay

This is a great song! Please vote this up, at least in the top 20! - micahisthebest

46 Telepathy - Christina Aguilera

Top 100...that's goals for this song. It's a surprisingly effective take on disco music in quite the traditional sense, which I usually dislike. (Remember "Treasure" and "Suit & Tie"? I'd rather forget those! ) If musicians are insistent upon reviving disco, they should use this song as the model. It's the perfect blend of that classic orchestral arrangement and funk-inspired bassline but putting a modern spin on the synths and beats. Blending classic and modern is something Christina excels at and this song is no exception.
Plus...THOSE VOCALS! We haven't heard that Christina in a long time and I want her to stick around! 5/5 - theOpinionatedOne

47 Ain't It Funny - Danny Brown
48 L.A Girlz - Weezer

This song deserves, and demands to be in the top ten. The powerful verses and Chorus really shows an amazing throwback to the 90s. It's one of Weezers best songs in my opinion. Also, that solo... Rivers is one talented songwriter, it's just an amazing solo, one of his bests. This is one amazing Ballad of a song, and it's very powerful and catchy, and just SO good. The rest of the album is also just superb. I really hope this song gets higher soon, it deserves it.

What!? Weezer fans unite. Push this song up this list. 159 will just not do. - cjWriter1997

Definitely deserves to be in the top ten - caseyk1218

49 Million Reasons - Lady Gaga

I Really Liked This, 5/5 - VideoGamefan5

Seen her on Saturday Night Live. Her voice is superb.

I'm glad this song is a hit - FalcoLombardi99

Love it very much

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50 Scars to Your Beautiful - Alessia Cara

I thought Here was excellent but her vocals were a BIT weak in Here. In Scars to your Beautiful her voice was more powerful. Alessia Cara is very talented too. This is good and it has a good message but unlike All About That Bass it was excuted properly. I mean I'm alright with All About That Bass but it wasn't so well done but this on the other hand was VERY well done. 6/5 - AlphaQ

I wish more people would notice this song. It's so powerful, I love the message and everything.

Good song, but a bit overplayed - helloitsme

Seriously one of the most powerful messages in pop music! - Heyy7868

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51 Hymn for the Weekend - Coldplay

This song is great and catchy, by the way it was released in January of this year so it is not from 2015

This song is awesome. - Powerfulgirl10

This is the BEST song of all time for me! Vote this up! - micahisthebest

10/10 Coldplay, you sound amazing and this is just an overall good song! - lovefrombadlands

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52 Dystopia - Megadeth

I mean, Megadeth is a great band, but that's like almost 90% of this list. - SirSkeletorThe3rd

The riff in the beginning is to die for, and so is the entire song. I am also so glad that metal finally where it belongs: the top of the charts. - LostDream258

Great song! Metal has managed to survive throughout the years despite never getting mainstream attention. This song is a testament to what Megadeth can do. - Bastiodon

This is the song that finally won Megadeth a Grammy!

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53 Piece by Piece (Idol Version) - Kelly Clarkson

I'm really grateful for this version of Piece by Piece for helping the song get the recognition it deserves. - NiktheWiz

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54 Cranes in the Sky - Solange
55 Dreamers - MC Mario
56 Sing Me to Sleep - Alan Walker

I just listened to this song again on coffee shop, first thought I had is this man is having great taste of music since Alan Walker one of my favorites.

57 Insane - Korn
58 Freedom - Beyoncé

This song is beautiful - Moorefamval

How is this song not higher this song is absolutely BLESS! - ThePhenomenalOne

59 Bored to Death - Blink 182

The album rocked, and this song was awesome. Good single choice, it topped the charts. - RestlessHeartGrenade

Great album preview song, Hope the album is good.

Amazing and underrated

That's how I feel about SCHOOL, Blink 182. Also, Halsey beat your song to death in Tuscon. - lovefrombadlands

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60 Never Be Like You - Flume

This song is distinct and stunning. - madoog

Best song of 2016 by far!

Quality 2016 music! 8/10! - lovefrombadlands

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