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61 This is What You Came for - Calvin Harris This is What You Came for - Calvin Harris

It was annoying that this song was overplayed, and I like it. This Is What You Came For is good --- something 2016 needed. - madoog

This song is trash

This song is pretty good. - Powerfulgirl10

Not to sound like a hipster, but I really didn't like it. The chorus just repeats the word 'you' and the actual singing is autotuned. - AnonymousChick

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62 Atlas, Rise! - Metallica Atlas, Rise! - Metallica

This is, in my opinion, the best song of Mettalica,s new album and then better than all the bull that came around 2016

63 Safe and Sound - Jackie Evancho

Jackie and her sister Rachel did a great job. Jackie can sing anything. This girl can sing and act. Love her

A sneak preview from the recording session revealed that this excellent number off the Hunger Games soundtrack will be on Jackie's upcoming, but as yet untitled, 2016 album.

Jackie's voice is so sweet and soothing it makes you feel "Safe and Sound".

Jackie Evancho has a beautiful singing voice.

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64 False Alarm - The Weeknd False Alarm - The Weeknd

This is undoubtedly the greatest song of 2016. It packs diverse guitars on the verses, brilliant drumwork, lyrics that are beautifully dark, and its beat drops so hard on the hook that it could end a world war. An eight out of five, please?

Pretty good song, the video is weird but fascinating - slimshady901

Damn glorious!

Hmmm...Not as good as Starboy but awesome.

If y'all askin me when I started having The Weeknd as my favorite it was after In The Night. Then i started liking him by FAR after Starboy

Now False Alarm. No doubt that The Weeknd aka Abel is truly the best!

I didn't like this song at first probably cause of the music video. After I heard it a 2nd time I found it to be really good so yea

Starboy: 6/5
False Alarm: 5.5/5

Maybe 2016 isn't such a bad year for music after all - AlphaQ

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65 Love On the Brain - Rihanna Love On the Brain - Rihanna

One of the best songs this year for sure. Her vocals are insane.

Timeless masterpiece, her vocals are stunning in both studio and live versions. - DaisyandRosalina

66 Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande

There is something about this song. - madoog

I'm allowed to prefer Disturbed and David Bowie over Ariana Grande and 5 Seconds of Summer. Yeah, I just said it.

Really only the chorus is good, but sadly, this year that's all its taking to be good.

Only the chorus? What about her vocals? The production and instrumentation? This song is so so good. - Johnny1248

Yes! Love that one! - SansTheComic

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67 Nights - Frank Ocean Nights - Frank Ocean

Easily the best song of 2016. I mean, I think this is as high as it's going to get, but for the love of god, can we at least get it above One Dance and This Is What You Came For? - SwagFlicks

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68 Side to Side - Ariana Grande Side to Side - Ariana Grande

*giggles* I really shouldn't love this song as much as I do! - WonkeyDude98

I hate this song good thing it's on #57. What is this song doing here? They should move it to #100, if there's any number of that. Sucker. Ha ha.

Blandness at its best. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes


What does that have to do with the list or song? He's not in this song. CALM DOWN - AlphaQ

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69 You Are My Sunshine - Morgane and Chris Stapleton
70 Sansa - Gareth Emery Sansa - Gareth Emery
71 Ivy - Frank Ocean Ivy - Frank Ocean

I thought I was dreamin', when you said you loved me... - djpenquin999

72 Change - Christina Aguilera Change - Christina Aguilera

This is only a taste of what Xtina has coming. Honestly, I don't even know if this is gonna be part of her next album (I believe the title is "Blonde" according to an early leaked track list) and I'd rather it just be a standalone single. But what a taste this song is! I mean, it's melody is understated but her vocals so perfectly emote the subtly powerful lyrics. It's not great but it's an improvement from the generic direction she took on Lotus. And no more unnecessary autotune! THANK GOD she left that behind! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE ALBUM'S RELEASE! - theOpinionatedOne

Well, the song is still gold and it was indeed taken from the Blonde album. However, it seems as though the release of Blonde has been shelved and she's started from scratch. I just hope the final product is good one whenever she releases it. - theOpinionatedOne

73 In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire We All Get High - Rob Zombie In the Age of the Consecrated Vampire We All Get High - Rob Zombie
74 The Season / Carry Me - Anderson.Paak The Season / Carry Me - Anderson.Paak
75 Baby Ya Right - Lukay Baby Ya Right - Lukay

The last dance-pop song from Lukay. Sadly this just sounds like everything else on the radio today.

Just Do It is danceable but sounds very dated.

This sounds like everything else on the top 40

76 One Dance - Drake One Dance - Drake

This is one of the most insufferable things to hit the radio this year. I hear it come on and my ears start ringing just to block out the noise. "Hotline Bling" at least had a catchy beat even with the nonsense lyrics. This has absolutely nothing going for it. I can't even decipher what he's saying and I'd rather not find out. I honestly hate this song more than "Let It Go" and I didn't think that was possible. 0/5 - theOpinionatedOne

One of Drake's best to be honest. He actually has some life in his voice and the beat is pretty good.

Looks like Drake have come back with his new single One Dance that totally same like Hotline Bling. Well this song is one of annoying song that I heard on 2016. Overplayed, Terrible lyrics and one more thing no music video.

This isn't an OK song but it was a bit dull.

Besides it doesn't F swerve to be #1 for 10 bloody weeks! If a #1 hit song that should have stayed long it's Panda. It was only there for 2 weeks. Honestly why is Panda bad? It's great.

Yea and besides if anyone here thinks the #1 hits aren't so excellent this year I kinda agree. Some were good like Panda and Black Beatles and some were bad like Closer and maybe Love Yourself.

But this song is kinda boring now so it doesn't deserve a 5/5 or 4/5

I would give it a 3/5 - AlphaQ

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77 Stone Cold - Demi Lovato Stone Cold - Demi Lovato

Not sure why Demi is not in the Top 5. It's clear that very few people understand music or talent. Most talented young beautiful woman in the last 5 years.

78 Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan

I love Troye Sivan! - Catacorn

If this makes it into the top 20, I will get a tattoo on my a$$ and it will forever be known as the Blue Neighbourhood. Y'all have my word on this! Is my embarrassment worth voting for this song? No. Because it wouldn't embarrass me a bit. Butt still (see what I did there? ), VOTE FOR THIS SONG! - theOpinionatedOne

79 Ritual Spirit - Massive Attack Ritual Spirit - Massive Attack

It's been six too long years since Massive Attack hit us with Girl I Love You and Paradise Circus, and now we have something that brings us back to the old classics, some older than me, with the eerieness and power of Ritual Spirit. Massive Attack have shown here that they haven't lost the edge which makes their masterpieces what they are. This is definitely one of them, and it makes an excellent start to a musical 2016, with the dynamic duo proving themselves to be just as great as they were, making some of the best songs of all time. - PositronWildhawk

80 Apocalypse - Jackie Evancho Apocalypse - Jackie Evancho

This is a haunting, lyrically beautiful composition that never received the airplay it deserved. Had this been put out by Taylor Swift, it would have gone to the Top 10 almost instantaneously. The imagery of the lyrics is highly "adult" and less tween depth of thought. It has a wonderful musicality that is reminiscent of Blue Bayou. It expresses the pain of shattered hearts but with hopes for tomorrow. This is one of the most overlooked songs of 2016.

Jackie is convincing in this original song of loss!

A wonderful new direction for Jackie Evancho. Can't wait for her new album "Two Hearts" to drop on March 31 2017

Another fabulous Jackie track.

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