Top 10 Songs of 2017 Sung by Women

Normally I don't listen to this many modern songs, but they're all so good

The Top Ten

1 Woman - Kesha

I love all the songs released so far. I'd add all of them but I don't want to seem extremely biased. Woman and Hymn are my favorites right now. I can't wait for the album - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

For me, this song is really annoying. Her voice bothers me. Luckily, when it came on the radio, Bad At Love was on the other channel. - lovefrombadlands

2 Green Light - Lorde

The whole album was amazing - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

3 Crying in the Club - Camila Cabello

I didn't expect to like this song but I LOVE it and I also really like Havana too - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

4 New Rules - Dua Lipa

It has a great message and Dua Lipa is a wonderful singer so of course I like this song - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

5 Want You Back - HAIM

This is the song that made me a fan. I can't stop listening to it - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

6 Bad Liar - Selena Gomez

I don't listen to Selena Gomez but I really like this song for some reason - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

7 Most Girls - Hailee Steinfeld

It has great lyrics and Hailee is a great singer - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

8 Stay - Zedd & Alessia Cara

This is probably one of my favorite Alessia songs - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

9 Issues - Julia Michaels

Her voice is so amazing! She deserves more recognition - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

10 Why - Sabrina Carpenter

She's so underrated..I love this song - FavoriteFightingFrenchman

The Contenders

11 Speak to Me - Amy Lee
12 Praying - Kesha


13 Walls Could Talk - Halsey

I think it is the best song in existence. - lovefrombadlands

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