Top 10 Best Songs from Against the Current's 'Past Lives'

The second album from one of my favourite new bands of recent years, 'Past Lives' didn't live entirely up to my expectations. It was nowhere near as great as their debut album 'In Our Bones', and their change in direction might alienate some. Having said that though I still found this an enjoyable album with several good songs on it, and Chrissy, Dan and Will all get their moments to shine.
Not bad considering pop music isn't exactly my go to genre.

The Top Ten

1 Personal

This song really stuck with me after the first listen. It has a nice blend of being soft with a hard hitting chorus to it, and it features some of the most emotional lyrics the band have ever written. - SuperSonic17

2 Voices

I am glad the album had a song like this. I love the nice groovy guitar work featured throughout, and it's overall just a fun tune. - SuperSonic17

3 Strangers Again

The album's opening single. It has a nice atmospheric feel to it, and Chrissy Costanza's soothing vocals really compliment the song. - SuperSonic17

4 Sweet Surrender

I wasn't expecting a song like this from them, but I must say I really like it, especially with it's use of the synthesizer sounding like a song from 'TRON: Legacy' (it sounds kinda similar to the opening of 'Son of Flynn'). - SuperSonic17

5 Come Alive

This song gave me heavy vibes of PVRIS with it's more ambient tones, and that's definitely not a bad thing. - SuperSonic17

6 P.A.T.T.

(Abbreviated from Pretty All The Time) This song has a catchy electric sounding vibe, and also has a good message behind it. A short but sweet tune. - SuperSonic17

7 I Like the Way

Probably the album's poppiest track. Not a favourite personally, but I can see some other people really loving this fun and bouncy tune. - SuperSonic17

8 Almost Forgot

Not a bad song. Instrumentation is OK, but has a good groove to it. The guitar definitely feels more understated here. - SuperSonic17

9 Friendly Reminder

Another song that I'd put on the OK pile. - SuperSonic17

10 The Fuss

Personally this song just doesn't do much for me. - SuperSonic17

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