Top Ten Songs from the Album "Chronik I" by Favorite, Kollegah, Shiml & Slick One

"Chronik I", or simply "Chronik", is the first sampler by independent label Selfmade Records, released in 2007. The cast consists of Favorite, Kollegah, Shiml and Slick One. Most of the album was produced by Rizbo, who was responsible for 14 of the 18 beats (one song is a non-musical skit). The only guest star is Flipstar who appears on "SR Time".

It was released at a time when Selfmade Records wasn't as big as it would become later on, and more of an underground label with some albums by individual artists earning great critical reception. "Chronik I" received mixed to positive reviews upon release, many praising the lyrics while having a polarizing stance towards the beats and production. Unlike its follow ups, which peaked at number 15 and number 1 respectively, the album did not chart.

Of the original line up, Favorite and Kollegah made big careers as rappers later on, especially the latter who would gain huge commercial and critical success. Selfmade Records later also signed other artists who would manage to become famous, such as 257ers, Genetikk or Casper, among others, all of which can be heard on the celebrated sequels to "Chronik I". As I write this, Shiml is still quite unknown and no more part of Selfmade Records, and Slick One, who is also the label boss, retired from rapping.
Retrospectively, the album is especially praised by older fans who often prefer the label's previous, lighthearted style over their more recent epic, overproduced and atmospheric music.

Musically, all songs are hip hop and the lyrics are almost entirely battle rap oriented. Depending on the rapper, the focus is either on complex rhyming, shock value, poetic wordings or a gritty atmosphere. The artists all showcase their very different personas and lyrical styles, but nevertheless act as one big force, all rappers are part of the big project, they work together as a crew. The beats are often electro and techno inspired and sometimes sample 90s eurodance and rave songs, but also interpolate rock samples at a few points.

The Top Ten

1 Hater

This has my favorite beat of the album. Based around a sample of The Prodigy's "No Good (Start the Dance)", this song's dance synths add a great and nostalgic touch. Kollegah is the only of the artists rapping on this song, and he does a great job, as usual. He is simply showcasing his lyrical and rhyming skills while attacking an unnamed hater. Throughout the entire album, Kollegah's voice is for some strange reason mixed differently than the others. It has more feedback and sounds like recorded in a much bigger room. This of course isn't as much of a problem on a solo song. - Martin_Canine

2 Weg nach oben

This is the second track of the album, after an instrumental intro, and introduces all four rappers on this album. Each of them immediately shows what they are all about, and do great doing so. I also like the beat, it sounds "bigger" than the trashy ones on the other songs on the album. - Martin_Canine

3 SR Time

This song has another beat I love. It is just so chaotic and wild, and awesomely trashy. - Martin_Canine

4 Ein guter Tag zum Sterben

This solo song by Kollegah is listed as a bonus track but is on every issue of the album and on no other record.
It is a diss track aimed at Separate, and based around a sample of Nightwish's "End of All Hope" from the best album of all time, "Century Child". Can it get any more epic? - Martin_Canine

5 Kein Weg Zurück
6 So Wie Fav Bist Du Doch Nicht
7 To the Top
8 16 Bars
9 (Zeig dem Volk) Wer der Boss ist

The Culture Beat "Mr. Vain" sample is a bit off-beat at times unfortunately, but nevertheless this song is a lot of fun, just like the rest of the album.
This record is simply awesome. Though the sequels are better. A superior cast of rappers next to Kollegah and Favorite, and greater production. - Martin_Canine

10 Lauf Aus Dem Club

The Contenders

11 Wenn Es Kalt Wird
12 327 Straßensound
13 Dunkelheit Der Nacht
14 Nasatruppen
15 Geradeaus
16 Shotgun (Selfmade RMX)
17 Intro
18 Outro
19 Skit
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