Best Songs From The Beatles' A Hard Day's Night


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1 A Hard Day's Night

Thank you, John. Brilliant lyrics!

2 If I Fell

Almost the whole album is epic but this one is so deep, so wise, so close, so harmonic, and Kurt had a great taste in the Beatles' music although he wasn't such a good musician himself)

This song deserves top 4 with Can't Buy Me Love, And I Love Here and the title track.

Lush, melodic, lyrical with amazing harmonies. My favorite!

Great harmony and great vulnerable and clever lyrics by John!

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3 And I Love Her

God I love this song. Picture a perfect love song by Paul with an amazing melody, and this is what you have!


4 Can't Buy Me Love

this song is too good to not be #1

5 Things We Said Today

Love those close harmonies. The slight melancholy timbre to the music created by the harmony in Things is delicious. It is a toss up between A Hard Day's Night and this one. I give the edge to Things. I think it is a bit more sophisticated overall.

I have a great appreciation for Hard Day's Night. When sung as a ballad the musical construction is a stand out. The fact that it made it to the top of the charts tells you why the inspired hard work of Lennon and McCartney kept them on top. - mgenet

6 I Should Have Known Better

Incredible melody. Underrated.

7 I'm Happy Just to Dance with You
8 You Can't Do That
9 I'll Be Back
10 Tell Me Why

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11 Any Time at All

Should be top ten.

Always loved this song!

12 I'll Cry Instead
13 When I Get Home
14 This Boy
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