Top 10 Songs from the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour With a Word Replaced With "Bacon"


The Top Ten

1 All You Need Is Bacon (All You Need Is Love)

Bacon is important than love in many aspect - CerealGuy

2 Magical Mystery Bacon (Magical Mystery Tour)

I think Magical Bacon Tour makes more sense... Because the bacon's sure coming to take you away! - Turkeyasylum

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3 Bacon On the Hill (Fool On the Hill)

Instead of the fool we got bacon,not so interesting - CerealGuy

4 Your Bacon Should Know (Your Mother Should Know)

Did I eat your mother? - CerealGuy

5 Blue Bacon Way (Blue Jay Way)
6 Baby You're a Bacon Man (Baby You're a Rich Man)

Wait are you a deformed baby?! - CerealGuy

7 Hello Bacon (Hello Goodbye)
8 Bacon Fields Forever (Strawberry Fields Forever)
9 I Am the Bacon (I Am the Walrus)

Finally my favorite the Beatles song... I Am the Walrus in bacon version - CerealGuy

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10 Bacon Lane (Penny Lane)
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