Best Songs Between The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour and Let It Be... Naked

The Top Ten

1 Across the Universe

Nothing comes close..

I want this song played at my funeral. It is a universal lullaby and gives great solace, comfort and hope!

My absolute favorite Beatle song from my favorite Beatle. Lyrically perfect with a lush, sweet, melodic and other worldly wall of sound!

2 Strawberry Fields Forever
3 Don't Let Me Down
4 I Am the Walrus
5 Penny Lane
6 I've Got a Feeling
7 Let It Be

Number 8. What has humanity brought us to?

8 All You Need is Love
9 Two of Us
10 The Fool on the Hill

The Contenders

11 For You, Blue
12 Get Back
13 Baby, You're a Rich Man
14 Hello, Goodbye
15 The Long and Winding Road
16 One After 909
17 Dig a Pony
18 I Me Mine
19 Magical Mystery Tour
20 Your Mother Should Know
21 Blue Jay Way
22 Flying
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