Top 10 Songs Between Taylor Swift and Adele


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1 Hello - Adele

This is my favourite song of yours

Cause adele is adele

Well this is the best song I ve heard no further saying


2 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

Blank Space is nicely sung by taylor swift...also the lyrics is catchy...i love it

Best lyrics in the universe plus it hooks you in almost immediately. A classic example of a flawless song, replete with not only amazing music, but also superb lyrics and production

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3 Someone Like You - Adele

I like both Taylor and Adele, but it's ridiculous to have Adele below Taylor. Adele has one of the most powerful voices in the world and her songs can make grown adults cry like little children.

I prefer Adele 1000 times over Taylor - Martinglez

I totally agree. Adele has a MUCH better singing voice than Taylor Swift - kaitlynrad11

No offense, but compare taylor swift to adele is a joke!

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4 All Too Well - Taylor Swift

Love this song taylor is and incredible artist WOW!

5 Send My Love (To Your New Lover) - Adele

Well I love this song but she copy Taylor Swift's work. - BeaM456

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6 Enchanted - Taylor Swift

This song is so underrated! One of Taylor Swift's best songs ever

7 Rolling In the Deep - Adele

This song should higher than Hello. - BeaM456

8 Chasing Pavements - Adele
9 When We Were Young - Adele
10 Water Under the Bridge - Adele

The Contenders

11 Rumor Has It - Adele
12 Set Fire to the Rain - Adele V 1 Comment
13 You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift V 1 Comment
14 Love Story - Taylor Swift

Romantic and enchanting... Taylor Swift's second best song, in my opinion, only bowing down to Blank Space

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15 Skyfall - Adele

This is seriously one of the 21st century's best songs. Sooo powerful and catchy. - PetSounds

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16 Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift V 1 Comment
17 Style - Taylor Swift V 1 Comment
18 Girl at Home - Taylor Swift
19 Clean - Taylor Swift V 1 Comment
20 I Knew You Were Trouble - Taylor Swift
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1. Chasing Pavements - Adele
2. Someone Like You - Adele
3. Set Fire to the Rain - Adele
1. All Too Well - Taylor Swift
2. Blank Space - Taylor Swift
3. Enchanted - Taylor Swift
1. Water Under the Bridge - Adele
2. Rumor Has It - Adele
3. Hello - Adele

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