Top Ten Songs by the Small Faces

The Small Faces are one of my absolute favorite British rock bands. They started out as an R&B band but eventually moved towards psychedelic pop stuff. Their lead singer, Steve Marriott, is one of my absolute favorite singers and frontmen in the history of rock. I wanted to be like him when I first heard him. Feel free to add to the list.

The Top Ten

1 Tin Soldier

Steve Marriot's masterpiece. He composed it as a love song to his girlfriend at the time. He sings his heart out, and the band puts in a lot of energy. - Gg2000

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2 Afterglow of Your Love

Another number where Steve just belts it out. Also, the organ in the chorus hits me in the feels. - Gg2000

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3 Itchycoo Park

Their most popular song in America, and the first one I heard. It's a psychedelic pop song that is one of the first pop songs to use flanging. I recommend listening to the mono version for the full experience. - Gg2000

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4 Here Come the Nice

Ooh... my absolute favourite song by your absolute favourite Brit-Rock band. Not familiar with them all though. Itchycoo Park is another cracker. - Britgirl

Another psychedelic pop nugget, this time about a drug dealer who supplies the narrator with speed (amphetamines were very popular among the Mod scene of the 60s). - Gg2000

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5 Song of a Baker

The heaviest song on Ogden's Nut Gone Flake (aside from maybe Rollin' Over); Ronnie Lane sings this one. It's about a baker who deals with a mundane life of making bread. - Gg2000

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6 Sha-La-La-La-Lee

Their third single, and one of their biggest hits. A more pop-influenced number (their manager had them record it in order to make sure they had another hit), it still has a considerable amount of energy. It also has a cool organ lick that occurs after every three lines in the ending. - Gg2000

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7 Lazy Sunday

A more music hall influenced song, Steve sings in a Cockney accent. It was written about how his neighbors gave him grief for being too loud. - Gg2000

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8 All or Nothing

Another one of their biggest hits; it was actually a number one hit in the UK. - Gg2000

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9 Green Circles

From their second album. Another song by Ronnie Lane, I love the melody and the harmony vocals on the chorus. I'd say it's probably my favorite song on that particular album. - Gg2000

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10 Come On Children

From the very first album, this is a hard driving rave up written by Steve. He even throws in a quote from "You Are My Sunshine" for kicks. It sounds more or less like a live performance. - Gg2000

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