Best Songs from Calvin Harris' 18 Months

18 Months. The album that got Calvin Harris at where he is now in the mainstream. The songs listed here are without a doubt his best works here! But which of these singles here are the greatest? Let's find out! This is the Top 10 Best Songs from the '18 Months' Album by Calvin Harris!

The Top Ten Best Songs from Calvin Harris' 18 Months

1 Feel So Close
2 Sweet Nothing

(ft. Florence Welch) - iRocketGamer52

3 I Need Your Love

(ft. Ellie Goulding) - iRocketGamer52

4 Thinking About You

(ft. Ayah Marar) - iRocketGamer52

5 We Found Love

(w/ Rihanna) - iRocketGamer52

6 We'll Be Coming Back

(ft. Example) - iRocketGamer52

7 Bounce

(ft. Kelis) - iRocketGamer52

8 Let's Go

(ft. Ne-Yo) - iRocketGamer52

9 Drinking from the Bottle

(ft. Tinie Tempah) - iRocketGamer52

10 Awooga

The Contenders

11 Iron

(w/ Nicky Romero) I think I might have overlooked this song when I made this list. Calvin's vocals are nice to listen to with the accompaniment of the beats that Nicky Romero drops down on us. - iRocketGamer52

12 School
13 Green Valley
14 Mansion
15 Here 2 China

(w/ Dillon Francis & Dizzee Rascal) - iRocketGamer52

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