TheWriter Reviews: Chevelle's The North Corridor

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Chevelle! They're back! And I know it's a little late...

Hello ladies and gents, CjWriter1997 here, the reviewer soon to be, and I'm back with another review for you. This album is on Chevelle's 2016 release, The North Corridor. My feelings towards it at first were mixed but soon, I really started to like it. Here's what I think.

Chevelle loves to be dark, abstract and heavy all in once. Since albums like Wonder What's Next to Sci-Fi Crimes to the somewhat surprisingly good La Gárgola. The North Corridor continues that touch but adds a little unique flavor in the mix. The atmosphere feels mustered and ominous. Full of droning guitar riffs that are really the major highlight album. Very good vocals from Pete Leoffler, his distinct and grudged lyrics match well with the overall atmosphere of the album. The album had really great songs like Warhol's Showbiz, Enemies, Door to Door Cannibals, Joyride and Shot From a Cannon.

The most particular track that really stands out is, Punchline. Very different approach then the rest of the album. It's dark, mellow and almost evil. But in the end the whole message is saying my life with yours is no joke. One of the best tracks of the album and one of the best of the year.

The album really turned out to be one of their greatest works yet, up there with Wonder What's Next and Sci-Fi Crimes. It's really good and recommend it to any Chevelle fan. Check it out!

My overall rating is a strong 4/5.


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