Top Songs/Classical Pieces from Composers Enya Would Be Good at Playing Tribute To

Enya is a magical artist and the classic singers, bands or composers, like Mozart and Beethoven, were legendary.
We even have singers and bands, like Christina Agiluera or Amy Lee, and bands, like Evanescence and such.

Here’s some music from them she would do her turn on.

The Top Ten

1 Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig Van Beethoven Moonlight Sonata - Ludwig Van Beethoven

I find this the best piece she would do so well at playing and makes such a perfect fit with her, and flows so well.
I don’t think she could recreate any song/piece better than this.
Enya is so beautiful and magical, and this would be a masterpiece recreation from her.
It would even show tribute and respect to Beethoven. - Gregory

2 My Immortal - Evanescence My Immortal - Evanescence

When I listened to this for the 1st time in years, I realized how much this compares so well.
I know it’s sad and depressing, but it’s a perfect sad song for her to play in tribute to, yet some people are confused between who sings this, and I find that any LOTR fan loves this.
Think May It Be & Watermark.
I doubt with her playing this, anyone would notice the difference. - Gregory

3 Gymnopedie No.1 - Erik Satie Gymnopedie No.1 - Erik Satie

I thought of how Enya would do a perfect job playing her own version of this piece.
It would be piano, and her other instruments.
It fits and would be flawless. - Gregory

4 Piano Concerto No. 21 Andante - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

It would be a perfect piano ballad for her to recreate, given the respect and tribute to Mozart. - Gregory

5 Clair de Lune - Claude Debussy

A beautiful piece I thought she would be good at playing in tribute to. - Gregory

6 My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion

It would be a great song, though with the way she would play it, it might compete with Only Time. - Gregory

7 Reindeer King - Tori Amos

Tori Amos has a good voice, and considering how beautiful and radiant this is, I think she would do a good song at playing this. - Gregory

8 Ave Maria - Schubert

At least the Fantasia version of it sounded well and I think Enya should do her turn on Ave Maria.
Many have done theirs. - Gregory

9 Hurt - Christina Aguilera

Christina Agluilera’s only good song to be possibly recreated by Enya. - Gregory

10 The Sleeping Beauty: The Garland Waltz - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

I thought this sounds like a good piece, using her instrumentation, and it would be a big hit.
Caring about composers. - Gregory

The Contenders

11 Now We are Free - Lisa Kelly
12 Lady of the Moon - 2002

A lunar piece that is too much like Enya and would be good for her to sing in. - Gregory

13 Adiemus - Karl Jenkins

When I listened to this, it reminded me of another world, a world with tall trees, lush forests, floating mountains, and weird creatures, plants and people.
You end up hitching a ride on a creature and fly over the landscape on a breathtaking adventure.
It’s been said that it also compares to her music and that it would fit well from her.
Again, appreciating a classic composer. - Gregory

14 Gravity of Love - Enigma

Aside from Carmina Burana’s O’ Fortuna sequence, this song is mystical, and would be a great comparison for her to play. - Gregory

15 Crucify - Tori Amos

A good song with good instrumental and voice that would fit here and fit as a tribute. - Gregory

16 Wintersong - Sarah McLachlan

A song she could use her piano and beautiful voice on. - Gregory

17 Prologue - Loreena McKennitt

I just listened to this, and it sounded good for this. - Gregory

18 Return to Innocence - Enigma

A perfect hit for her to play in tribute to. - Gregory

19 Amen - Enigma

Any song from Enigma would go good for Enya, so this too. - Gregory

20 Evenstar - Howard Shore

From Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the lotr song not from Enya that would go good for her to sing. - Gregory

21 Angel of Hope - Omar Akram

Beautiful piano ballad, though of course Enya’s version might compete with Watermark.

22 Sacred Nature - Paul Cardall

A good song that fits with her ability to play. - Gregory

23 Dammerschein - Deuter

A beautiful piece with a Moonlight vibe. - Gregory

24 Spirits of the World - Aine Minogue

What started out confusing turned very ideal and powerful for a good hit.
From the Twilight Realm. - Gregory

25 Angel - Sarah Brightman

Her best song to compare and work for Enya. - Gregory

26 One Day Like This - Sarah Brightman

Good one there. - Gregory

27 Glosoli - Sarah Brightman

It sounds very ambient and would flow well with Enya. - Gregory

28 Heaven is Here - Sarah Brightman

Very heavenly.
All of Enya's songs and pieces are heavenly, but so is this.
Perfect, though it has a Tori Amos vibe. - Gregory

29 Night Ride Across the Caucasus - Loreena McKennitt

Beautiful voice and style for a recomposition by Enya. - Gregory

30 Vagabond (Make a Princess of Me) - Blackmore's Night

It got the quality for a recomposition. - Gregory

31 Redeemer - Paul Cardall

A good Watermark-style piece for Enya to recompose from Paul Cardall. - Gregory

32 Caravanserai - Loreena McKennitt

Very carnival for an Enya song, but good. - Gregory

33 Letting Go - Paul Cardall

Very relaxing piece and fits well with her. - Gregory

34 Amate Adea - Karl Jenkins

This sounds so much like her music that I could’ve sworn, and it is super spectacular and transporting.
Imagine being in a forest at night on an another world and looking up at the sky, and seeing other worlds before your eyes.
This is a potential. - Gregory

35 Passacaglia - Secret Garden

Very comparitive and beautiful. - Gregory

36 Rain - Brian Crain
37 Released - Ryan Stewart

It's cosmic and a masterpiece for her to play. - Gregory

38 Angel Kisses - Thad Fiscella

Much like Watermark, if this had any violins and her piano style used, it would be a perfect masterpiece from her. - Gregory

39 Song for Rome - Brian Crain

A Watermark-style piece with piano, and if violins were added, it would be how she would play it. - Gregory

40 In Dreams - Lorie Line

Very radiant and good for her to play. - Gregory

41 Cantilena - Karl Jenkins

A magical song that makes you feel transported and suits well for Enya. - Gregory

42 Sleepsong - Secret Gardens

The music is accurate, and the voice is so well done, it should be a good composition. - Gregory

43 Remembering the Light - Kevin Kern

It sounds very enchanting, and a beautiful piece that Enya would be good at doing tribute to. - Gregory

44 Chorale IV - Karl Jenkins

Her voice sounds so identical and so does the instrumentation.
This should be done in tribute. - Gregory

45 Honor Him / Now We Are Free - Eight Beat Measure

A good instrumentation for her to play. - Gregory

46 Theme from Harry's Game - Clannad

This sounded like Exile, which is a beautiful song, and I would see no problem with Enya playing this, though it might compete with Exile. - Gregory

47 Even Now - 2002

The instrumentation can't be distinguished and she would do great at doing the voice and lyrics for it. - Gregory

48 The Voice - Eimear Quinn

Souns like something Enya would be good at playing. - Gregory

49 Bonny Portmore - Loreena McKennitt

Enya should do this. - Gregory

50 Hermit of the Sea Rock - Karl Jenkins

A beautiful song that would go good for her. - Gregory

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