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1 Adventure of a Lifetime Adventure of a Lifetime

I really love how this song stands out among the others. In this album, it's between Adventure of a Lifetime and Hymn for the Weekend, but I chose this one because of its originality and amazing tune, melody, everything...

Easily the most original track on the album. Don't get me wrong I love coldplay to death, but I find a lot of the songs on this album to be a bit like some of their older songs, but this one really stands out for me, and that's because it carries on the more experimental spirit of coldplay in my humble opinion

This song reminds me to see the world more and more...

This is my favorite song from the album - Unicorn

2 Hymn for the Weekend Hymn for the Weekend

I love this song. I don't understand how they both can hit that falsetto part so perfectly when I'm over here having voice cracks just thinking about it

This is my favourite since the first listen! - keyson

I like how they got experimental with this song. - MRniceguy583

Love the beautiful video - Righteous

3 A Head Full of Dreams A Head Full of Dreams

I LOVE Coldplay so much and I Love every song on this album but this one just makes me feel good, so does all the oher songs but this one always gets me in a good mood when I hear i

Great album opener. - MRniceguy583

Very good song. - sdp

My top 3 would be: 1 HEAD FULL OF DREAMS
3. EVERGLOW - glambert

4 Everglow

By far the best song in my opinion

It just hits the feels. I'm not crying; you are.

The melody and the lyrics are so powerful and this song deserve to be top track on the album

Why this is not on the top of list?! this song is so touchable and the melodic is beautiful

5 Up&Up

This entire album is amazing. Great to listen to if you are depressed or down. This especially. If I had to rank this album from best to worst, the top 5 would be close, but UP&UP is clearly number 1, followed by A Head Full of Dreams, AOAL, Hymn for the Weekend, and Everglow. But Up+UP sounds like Chris Martin is actually trying to lift his listeners out of the depths of their blues with the lyrics, and with help from the guitars, it works.

This song is truly powerful. Watch the Live version of it. It's so beautiful. And by the way thank you so much for making this list. - MRniceguy583

I think this song is really underrated, it just puts a nice feeling in my head which I love. - micahisthebest

This is the truly best song of the album

6 Amazing Day

Yes this ine is also an amazing song! - keyson

Best Song of this Album... There is no words to explain how Beautiful this song is.

I'm not a crier and yet this song moved me to tears. Should be higher on the list. - DrewtheGamer98

This song never fails to make me happy.

7 Fun

Didn't we have fun. Brilliant song the music is very good before and after he says Didn't we have fun. Underrated song.

I've never disliked any Coldplay songs ever. But this is the only one. It's too cheesy. - MRniceguy583

The first time I listened to this I thought... this should be more popular! - micahisthebest

Didn't we have fun after and before he says this the music is very good.

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8 Army of One

The soothingness of the song is good.

Reminded me a lot of X&Y days. - MRniceguy583

9 Birds

A rare moment of intensity and beauty on the album. The guitar riff and climax of percussion and bass towards the end makes the song stand out entirely from all the accompanying 10 tracks. Lyrics are absolutely colorful and beautiful. First time listening nearly made me jerk a tear. Ending really fits considering the climax building up and then ending with a powerful ending lyric of love and innocence. Simply the best song on the album and one of Coldplay’s best. Underrated.

Simply the best in this album, this song never gets boring. Nice bass and the lyrics are powerful

The guitar riff in the song is so beautiful. Love this song so much because of it. - MRniceguy583

Birds at #9? No way, You guys should listen to this song - esambuu

10 X Marks the Spot

Hidden track, second half of army of one

whats this - ProPanda

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11 Kaleidoscope

Believe in love. - MRniceguy583

12 Colour Spectrum
13 Miracles

This is from a movie, not A Head Full of Dreams. - Merilille

It's a bonus track

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