Best Songs On Dream Theater's Metropolis Part 2


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1 Home

Indian progressive dubstep metal

The musical climax of the album - Songsta41

Overtired - Glauberson

2 The Dance of Eternity

I have a strong fond for instrumentals and this song over-arches the whole album. Should be way higher than 5 like what people?!?!

3 Finally Free

This is really where the whole album comes together and it's beautifully done. - Songsta41

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4 Beyond This Life

One of their BESTS - Glauberson

5 The Spirit Carries On

A beautiful guitar solo accompanied by arguably some of the best lyrics John Petrucci ever came up with. - IronSabbathPriest

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6 Fatal Tragedy
7 Overture 1928

I've got to agree this is a good song with strange deja vu

8 Strange Deja Vu

What?... The fact that one of the best dream theater songs is down this low is crazy.

9 Through Her Eyes


10 One Last Time

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11 Regression

Peaceful. Sets the mood for the whole album. - Songsta41

12 Through My Words


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1. The Spirit Carries On
2. Beyond This Life
3. Finally Free
1. Home
2. The Spirit Carries On
3. Through Her Eyes
1. Home
2. The Spirit Carries On
3. Finally Free

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