Top 10 Songs on Edguy's Space Police: Defenders of the Crown

This is the tenth studio album by the German power metal band Edguy. It was released in 2014 through Nuclear Blast.

Tobias Sammet - lead and backing vocals, keyboards
Jens Ludwig - lead guitars
Dirk Sauer - rhythm guitars
Tobias "Eggi" Exxel - bass guitar
Felix Bohnke - drums

The Top Ten

1 The Eternal Wayfarer The Eternal Wayfarer

The longest and most epic song on the album (8:50). It's about the immortality of the soul, which Tobias Sammet says he's trying to find evidence of, but haven't yet. - Metal_Treasure

2 Defenders of the Crown Defenders of the Crown
3 Sabre & Torch Sabre & Torch
4 Space Police

According to Tobias Sammet, the term "space police" is a metaphor for people who want to create and enforce laws on territories that should not be limited by rules. More specifically speaking, he criticizes people who try to tell rock bands what to do and what to say when musicians are actually willing to live above rules and without limitations. - Metal_Treasure

5 Love Tyger
6 The Realms of Baba Yaga
7 Rock Me Amadeus

This is a cover of Austrian singer Falco. It's the first German language song by the band. - Metal_Treasure

8 Do Me Like a Caveman

The song title is kinda misleading. - Metal_Treasure

9 Shadow Eaters

It's about the power of one's mind and what can be achieved when focusing on the elimination of negative thoughts. - Metal_Treasure

10 Alone in Myself

A beautiful melodious song.

It's about how one can be misunderstood for not finding the right words for expressing themselves. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 England

A bonus track. The song is about Steve Harris and Iron Maiden. I do love the lyrics. - Metal_Treasure

12 Aychim in Hysteria
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1. The Eternal Wayfarer
2. Defenders of the Crown
3. Sabre & Torch


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