Best Songs On Eminem's Relapse: Refill


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1 Music Box

The beat is out of this world

Awesome beat, awesome hook and awesome lyrics.
It's one of the best Songs Em ever made. The 3rd Verse is amazing! - Brainfck

2 Forever

All the four greatest rappers of all time trading verses but Eminem murders them with a double timed flow in one of his best verses to date
His verse here is seriously the best verse on Relapse and Refill
This one should be number one!

3 Elevator

The chorus is just great!

This song sucks but I love the chorus.

The overall song is fantastic but that chorus...WOW! Absolutley incredible!

4 Hell Breaks Loose
5 Careful What You Wish For

Epic Intro and atmosphere. It deserves a place in the Top 3.

6 My Darling
7 Beautiful
8 Buffalo Bill
9 Deja Vu
10 Crack a Bottle

Catchiest chorus EVER!

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11 Taking My Ball

What?! 13?! This is great! Love the chorus and it's funny and catchy. This shows how talented Eminem is by turning a lot of weird lyrics into a catchy, fun song.

According to this list Taking My Ball is 2nd worst which is plain BS! Just because a song is funny doesn't mean it's bad. There's a lot of things to like about this including: it's catchy, fun beat, his funny but total non sense lyrics and that awesome chorus.

This is awesome. I found it to be really funny. That chorus was cool.

12 3 a.m.
13 Stay Wide Awake
14 Drop the Bomb On 'Em
15 Old Time's Sake

Best. Song. Ever.

16 Underground
17 Insane

Is he nuts? NO! He's Insane!

18 My Mom


19 Hello
20 Medicine Ball

How is this #21? The beat is incredible and cool and the first verse is nuts! The Christopher Reeves part didn't even bother me. It was actually kind of funny. Awesome song! Should be #1.

21 Bagpipes from Baghdad
22 Must Be the Ganja
23 Dr. West
24 Steve Berman
25 We Made You
26 Same Song & Dance
27 Tonya
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1. Music Box
2. My Darling
3. Stay Wide Awake
1. Crack a Bottle
2. Old Time's Sake
3. 3 a.m.
1. Music Box
2. Elevator
3. Hell Breaks Loose

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