Top Ten Best Songs from Filter's Title of Record

Title of Record was the second album by industrial band Filter. The album took the style of their first album, Short Bus, and softened it for public appeal. While the album was no match for it's predecessor, it served up some amazing songs.

The Top Ten

1 I Will Lead You

I said this record was soft, but this song was really heavy! Everything about this song was just perfect! I absolutely adore the guitar part. - AngryByrd

2 Captain Bligh

You wouldn't think the lyrics to this song are about Trent Reznor. Lyrics aside, it's like a softer version of I Will Lead You. - AngryByrd

3 It's Gonna Kill Me
4 Take a Picture

You know this song! I know you do! - AngryByrd

the best

5 Cancer

The creepy girl voice is the best thing about this song. - AngryByrd

6 Skinny
7 The Best Things

Best racecar song ever! - AngryByrd

8 I'm Not the Only One

You hear that Sam Smith? Filter did it first! - AngryByrd

9 Welcome to the Fold

I'm sorry, but I kind of hated this song. I can only take so much happiness. - AngryByrd

10 Miss Blue

The Contenders

11 Trip Like I Do
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