Best Songs from Folder's Keep the Flow

Folder's first album,originally released in 2001 and then re-released in 2003 for Japanese market through RB Records.The japanese import has two bonus tracks (Connected (Bang!) and Divine Stitched) wh9ich would later be re-recorded for their second album Right Things.
Folder is an awesome Italian band,both of their albums are really good!
P.S. the orginal cover was all orange,but the newer one has like a duck and an elephant shooting from futuristic pistols (lol).

The Top Ten

1 Drastic
2 Cut the Belt
3 Left
4 Kick the Bucket
5 It's Tricky
6 Welcome All but You
7 Closer
8 W.I.K.
9 Normality
10 Once Again
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Top Remixes

1. Drastic
2. Cut the Belt
3. Left


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