Top Ten Songs to Get You Into Judas Priest

Judas Priest, founded in 1969, has been making great music ever since. In the 1970s to the early 90s, they would make some of the greatest metal songs to be remembered, and to this day they still make some decent music.

The Top Ten

1 Electric Eye

One of their biggest hits from Screaming for Vengeance makes one good heavy metal classic. It starts off as a 1 minute intro known as the Hellion, then goes into a good heavy metal classic that will never be forgotten.

2 Painkiller

Strange enough, this got me into the band. Took me a while to like it though, because it felt way too intense for me first. Now I love this song! - Userguy44

The Classic Judas Priest song that everyone remembers. The Drum solo at the beginning, the phenomenal guitar solos, and the insane singing of Rob Halford all make this song great. This is a classic all Judas Priest fans must listen to and this is the song that got me into the band.

@MorbidCannibalSlayer I totally agree with you this was my first Judas Priest song and it's still one of my favorite songs ever - christangrant

3 Beyond the Realms of Death

One of the greatest metal ballads of all time. This is a must-listen to if you want to get used to their late-70s music when things started to change for them.

This one is so precious. - Metal_Treasure

4 Breaking the Law

Probably their most popular track along with You've Got Another Thing Comin' has one of the most badass music videos of all time, as they only needed their guitars to rob a bank. Although there isn't really a guitar solo in this song, this would make a good heavy metal anthem.

This is very good for people who are pretty new to metal. - Metal_Treasure

5 Victim of Changes

This was the best of their early music. The music would sound more like Black Sabbath, and this song pretty much defines the greatness of their early days, from Rocka Rolla in 1974, to Sin after Sin in 1977.

This is one of the craziest songs I know with some of the craziest vocals as well. Hands down. This song always puts a smile on my face. - Metal_Treasure

6 Metal Meltdown
7 You've Got Another Thing Comin'

In my opinion, this song is pretty overrated, but you should still listen to the song if you want to get into the band.

I like this song very much but I think it became more popular than some other JP songs because this song is more hard rock than metal. - Metal_Treasure

8 Hell Bent for Leather

Until the Painkiller came along, this would be their heaviest track.

9 Screaming for Vengeance
10 Judas Rising

Listen to this song if you want to get used to their newer music.

The Contenders

11 Lightning Strike
12 Hell is Home
13 Blood Stained
14 Turbo Lover

Here is another really popular track, made in 1986. This song is good because of the chorus, and that's about it.

15 The Sentinel

The greatest track (Along with Freewheel Burning) from their 1984 album, Defenders of the Faith.

16 Dissident Aggressor
17 Night Crawler
18 Exciter
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