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1 2 + 2 = 5

Easily best sing in the album. Love the multiple phases and how well the whole thing is constructed. I'm also a huge fan of the lyrics on this one, I often find myself singing them to... Well, myself. 2nd favourite would be myxomatosis, but the sheer awesomeness of 2+2=5 makes it a clear winner.

Because politics mixed with a clever and diverse array of time signatures and musical styles is a good formula for any song. Or something. It's a damn good song.

I decided to go with this, but could have gone with There There, Sail to the Moon, or Scatterbrain just as easily. My vote also just bumped this into first place and up an entire percent. :D

Awesome and real freaky. A bit like hail to the thief's equivalent of Paranoid android. Love the weird time signature.
Adds to the epicness. Should be number 1

2 There There

One of my absolute favourite Radiohead songs of all time! The guitar is just fantastic, and the climax is great!

Maybe the best example of tension and release in any Radiohead song

Awesome Song. first raddiohead song I ever heard. - beasthound

1- There There
2- A Wolf At The Door
3- 2 + 2 = 5
4- Go To Sleep
5- Myxomatosis
6- Where I End And You Begin
7- Sit Down Stand Up
8- Sail To The Moon
9- A Punch Up At A Wedding
10- We Suck Young Blood
11- The Gloaming
12- Scatterbrain
13- Backdrifts
14- I Will

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3 A Wolf at the Door

No doubt about it sweeps any song on this album, and that's saying a lot!

I'd say I'm tied between this song and Sail to the moon, but I chose the first one I saw :P

The intro reminds me of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and Stairway To Heaven

The intro is so much like Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" - RereLoco

The lyrics are perfection

4 Where I End and You Begin

What really makes this track are those tired, eerie synths that come in after a while which scream of mercy and exhaustion.

I have only just started liking this song but it's cool

Kid a is overrated but this isn't

I like There There more but those synths are literally out of this world and when Thom starts to sing:
'X'll mark the place
Like the parting of the waves
Like a house falling in the sea
In the sea' - I can't help but sing with him. I hope my family and neighbours like my voice.

5 Sail to the Moon

Hauntingly beautiful song... Apparently, Thom Yorke wrote the song for his son, Noah.

Don't really like the nitro, but the rest of the song is okay.

Best song ever made really

Best song in album

6 Myxomatosis

Apparently, the person who said Sail to the Moon is a terrible song is SICK IN THE HEAD. Sail to the Moon is a very soothing dreamy song that just puts you to sleep. But Myxomatosis is still a good song.

Myxomatosis is the best why does everybody hate it so much the start is just like dun dun dun how can you not love that!? I think sail to the moon should be right at the bottom of this list

This song is my all time favourite I love the lyrics and the melody

7 Go to Sleep
8 Sit Down, Stand Up

It's pretty awesome

This song is just so epic.. Love the cool effects they use in the end, the lyrics are great.. Just overall awawesome song

Similar to Backdrifts in style. This song sadly reminds me of going to church as a youngster.

9 The Gloaming

What a dance groove and great harmonics

10 Backdrifts

Backdrifts is getting my vote even though I prefer "There There" because of how underrated it is. I also wanted to go for Sail to the Moon or Where I end and You Begin.

Not surprised We Suck Young Blood is in last to be honest, but I don't dislike it.

Definitely not my favorite on the album but it should be ahead of a punch up at a wedding and we suck young blood.

This should be higher than 13th come on people.

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11 A Punch Up at a Wedding

...I don't get how this isn't even in the top 10, don't even know why I'm a radiohead fan, seems I only like their unpopular songs

I don't get why nobody likes this song, one of the highlights of this album in my opinion

Very good, very nice I like it

:) yes...

12 Scatterbrain

Terribly underrated. Listened to this album at least 25 times and this song is up there with the best of them.

Definitely a standout track to me. It has a certain calmness that sets it apart from other tracks on the album.

13 I Will

This song is beautiful and is easily top ten I can't comprehend why anyone would put this at the bottom please listen to it and help bring it to the top!

If you need an explanation, just get isolation ear buds and listen to the harmonies

Simple and haunting. This song and 2+2=5 are the best parts of the album for me.

I know loads of people hate this song but I like it

14 We Suck Young Blood

Though I do think that it isn't as good as many songs on the album, I think it's better than I will, punch up at a wedding, and sit down stand up. It has an eery feel that keeps me captivated, and something about the claps fits so well. The brief intensity also helps put this on the better half of this album for me

The same with this one I have only just started liking this one sorry to the ones that didn't make it on here like sail to the moon go to sleep and all those other bad ones

Its in a minor key and has a somber feel to it which I absolutely love and defiantly puts it in the top 10

This song takes you to a different planet

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1. Sail to the Moon
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1. Myxomatosis
2. There There
3. The Gloaming
1. There There
2. Where I End and You Begin
3. 2 + 2 = 5

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