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1 Fear of the Dark Fear of the Dark

It has to be fear,nothing comes close to it on this album and in a live setting it's just awesome - kieros

best song of iron maiden after hallowed be thy name

This song speaks to me in some strange way. The only thing is that I think this song is better live (my 2nd concert was maiden). - caryrox16

1. Fear of the Dark
2. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
3. Be Quick or Be Dead
4. Childhood's End
5. From Here to Eternity
6. Weekend Warrior
7. Wasting Love
8. Judas Be My Guide
9. Fear is the Key
10. Chains of Misery
11. The Fugitive
12. The Apparition

2 Afraid to Shoot Strangers Afraid to Shoot Strangers

Maiden at their BEST. Hate me but I even like better the blaze licencia version

1 Afraid to shoot strangers (10/10)
2 Fear of the dark (10/10)
3 Be quick or be dead (10/10)
4 Childhood’s end (10/10)
5 From here to eternity (9.5/10)
6 Judas be my guide (9.5/10)
7 Wasting love (9/10)
8 Fear is the key (8.5/10)
9 Weekend Warrior (8/10)
10 The fugitive (7.5/10)
11 The apparition (7.5/10)
12 Chains of misery (7/10)

By any means a bad album for me like in seventh or sixth position

I personally like it better than fear of the dark ( my second favorite song on this album) but because its soft then it builds up like fear of the dark but its even better this is the most underrated iron maiden song ever listen to it youll like it a lot

1. Afraid to shoot strangers 10/10
2. Fear of the dark 10/10
3. Wasting love 10/10
4. Judas be my guide 9.8/10
5. Be quick or be dead 9.7/10
6. The fugitive 9.5/10
7. Childhood’s end 7.5/10
8. Chains of misery 7/10
9. The apparition 6/10
10. From here to eternity 4/10
11. Fear is the key 3/10
12. Weekend warrior 3/10

3 Be Quick or Be Dead Be Quick or Be Dead

I agree that Fear of the Dark should be first however this song is very fast paced and aggressive and Bruce's scream at the beginning always makes my day

"You got to watch them, be quick or be dead! "

4 Childhood's End

Good song, though the first 20 seconds reminds me a little too much of a riff from the middle of Mother Russia

Just what the hell is going on- best line 10000000000/10 rating

This song is kinda depressing but its epic

5 Wasting Love

Easily the best on this album

I love this song! - Toucan

12. Apparation
11. Fear Is The Key
10. Chains Of Misery
9. From Here To Eternity
8. Judas Be My Guide
7. Be Quick Or Be Dead
6. Childhoods End
5. Wasting Love
4. The Fugitive
3. Weekend Warrior
2. Fear Of The Dark

6 Judas Be My Guide

My list
1. Fear Of The Dark
2. Afraid To Shoot Stranger
3. Be Quick Or Be Dead
4. Judas Be My Guide
5. The Fugitive
6. Childhoods End
7. Wasting Love
8. Fear Is The Key
9. From Here To Eternity
10. Chains Of Misery
11. Weekend Warrior
12. The Apparition - IronMainiac666

This is such an underrated song should be higher on this list for sure

One of iron maidens most underrated songs ever of one of their most underrated albums. Deserves at least 5th place - wolphert

This is one of the most underrated songs in Maiden's back catalogue - and on this album only the title track is clearly better.

Big case for this song being first single from this album and #2 in running order for the album

7 Fear is the Key

Strange album. It features a Def Leppard and two AC/DC songs and a Led Zeppelin ballad. - Alkadikce

8 From Here to Eternity

I love the shorter songs of Iron maiden. From Here to Eternity is just a perfect example for the few awesome simple songs of the band. Which doesn't mean that dislike the longer ones, fear of the dark is amazing, but this Song deserved the 2. Place.

9 Chains of Misery

This song is catchy as hell from this album. It is no.2 fear of the dark is the best followed by this so vote please! Come on

10 The Fugitive

What why is this classic below fear is the key? Makes no damn sense I don't care who you are no one in this world likes fear is the key better than the fugitive. The fugitive is one of the best Songs on this album.

I prefer Fear is the Key and I think it's the 4th best on the album because of its memorable guitar riffs and breakdowns. - Alkadikce

The Fugitive owns all

A joke that circulates through the Hardcore Iron Maiden community is that this song is the most complex of all time. Truthfully though this is the 3rd best song on this mediocre album behind the title track and ATSS. - ironmaiden1

The Contenders

11 Weekend Warrior

This songv is this low I love this song this ain't fair I hate this list because of this my opinion

1 fear of the dark
2 afraid to shoot strangers
3 childhoods end
4 weekend warrior
5 the fugitive
6 wasting love
7 chains of misery
8 be quick of be dead
9 fear is the key
10 judas my guide
11 from here to etirnity
12 the aparation

Better list haha so I still like all songs but from here to eternity and the aparition they are weird afraid to shoot strangers and fear of the dark rocks when I got this album I new it would be good but piece of mind is better I got both albums on the same day

It's not my favourite song from the album, but I have to comment that is sooo underrated. It's such a nice song, with an awesome solo! :D


Love it

12 The Apparition

Why does everybody hate this song? - DaCow

This is Maidens worst song At least Angel and the Gambler started off good until the chorus repeats 100000000000000000000000000 times this on the other hand is awful from start to finish - christangrant

13 Nodding Donkey Blues

Oh my god how did this song manage to get worse than The Apparition or Weekend Warrior? - Alkadikce

At least best iron maiden b si de

14 I Can't See My Feelings
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1. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
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1. Fear of the Dark
2. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
3. Wasting Love
1. Fear of the Dark
2. Afraid to Shoot Strangers
3. Childhood's End

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