Best Songs from Kelly Clarkson's Piece by Piece


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1 Invincible Invincible

If it has Sia's hand is in the mix, that almost certainly means I'll love it. This song is just a masterpiece and it really really REALLY aggravates me that it hasn't even charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Strong candidate for the best song of 2015 for me. - theOpinionatedOne

Such a powerful song. Sia's songwriting was really visible in the song. Kelly's vocal prowess was very stupendous. - crockydyle

This song is so underrated. This is way better than Stronger! Why is it not on top of the charts nor nominated in the Grammy's?! Really powerful: lyrics, vocals, melody. Just as it is. Really invincible. [But less impact to those who prefer crappy songs with just sick beats.]

2 Piece by Piece Piece by Piece

Really?! This is one of the best song from Piece By Piece! The title track should be in top three! Full of emotions, direct and wonderfully written lyrics, the backing vocals really gives a haunting mood while the melody and lyrics give a celebratory vibe! It should be nominated in Pop Solo Performance in 2017.

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3 Run Run Run Run Run Run
4 Second Wind Second Wind

This song should not have been on the deluxe edition. It deserves more listeners. - crockydyle

5 Let Your Tears Fall Let Your Tears Fall
6 Someone Someone

Pure Beauty, Kelly shows the world that her voice is still as emotional as it was 10 years ago. GO KELLY!

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7 Heartbeat Song Heartbeat Song

Really makes my heart beat with joy! This song radiates love and all good things! This deserves to win that Pop Solo Performance! A perfect pop confection with powerful vocals!

8 I Had a Dream I Had a Dream
9 Nostalgic Nostalgic

This one should be a single. Really great song. Lyrics, bring back many memories. Makes me happy anyway.

10 Dance With Me Dance With Me

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11 Good Goes the Bye Good Goes the Bye
12 War Paint War Paint

This one is damn catchy. Vocals are great, lyrics are great. A powerful pop song.

13 Take You High Take You High

So beautiful and magical. It's an uplifting song for anyone who is under the weather!

Kelly explores something new and with Take You High, she nailed it! Mixing orchestral tracks with EDM is so magical and addicting! Should be in top five.

14 In the Blue In the Blue
15 Tightrope Tightrope
16 Bad Reputation Bad Reputation
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1. Invincible
2. Second Wind
3. Let Your Tears Fall
1. War Paint
2. Second Wind
3. Heartbeat Song
1. Invincible
2. Piece by Piece
3. I Had a Dream



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