Best Songs From Kesha's Animal, Cannibal and Warrior


The Top Ten

1 Animal

This song is amazing, I retract what I said before - vegetarians

I love this song but when I found out what the meaning of the song is I mostly quit listing to it. - vegetarians

2 Tik Tok
3 Gold Trans Am
4 Stephen
5 Dirty Love
6 The Harold Song
7 Party at Rich Dude's House
8 Grow a Pear
9 Hungover
10 Blind

The Contenders

11 Dinosaur
12 C U Next Tuesday
13 Die Young
14 Blah Blah Blah
15 Past Lives
16 Your Love Is My Drug
17 Cannibal
18 Dancing With My Tears In My Eyes
19 Thinking of You
20 Blow
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Top Remixes

1. Gold Trans Am
2. Dirty Love
3. The Harold Song
1. Animal
2. Die Young
3. Dancing With My Tears In My Eyes
1. Tik Tok
2. Animal
3. Stephen



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