Best Songs From Kings of Leon's Mechanical Bull

The Top Ten

1 Supersoaker Supersoaker Cover Art

There's a reason this was released as the first single. Brilliant song! - wolphert

Voted for this as I could not find always the same

2 Temple Temple Cover Art

The most beautiful song of the album.

Amazing. Really hits your soul

3 Rock City Rock City Cover Art
4 Beautiful War Beautiful War Cover Art

Stong lyrics and a cool flow.. nyc song

5 Wait for Me Wait for Me Cover Art
6 Tonight Tonight Cover Art
7 Coming Back Again Coming Back Again Cover Art
8 On the Chin On the Chin Cover Art
9 Comeback Story Comeback Story Cover Art
10 Family Tree Family Tree Cover Art

Highly underrated kings of leon song

The Contenders

11 Don't Matter Don't Matter Cover Art

My favorite song from this album. It has a really good beat, well worth listen too.


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