Best Songs from Kollegah's "Zuhältertape" Album Series

For those who might be wondering why "Boss der Bosse" counts as a "Zuhältertape" album, under the tray of the CD it says "Zuhältertape Vol. 2".

The Top Ten Best Songs from Kollegah's "Zuhältertape" Album Series

1 Rotlichtmassaker

This is a great team up of Kollegah and SpongeBozz (under his original rap name Sun Diego), arguably the two greatest rappers Germany ever had. For me, they definitely are. Both of them constantly deliver the greatest rhymes possible, insane double time skills and clever word play. In 2009, the two were very good friends, until the work together on Kollegah's 2011 "Bossaura" album ended their relationship. Now, they are both very famous and popular, and are enemies. "Rotlichtmassaker" shows how great they harmonized. Both have one verse of their own, which starts off very slowly before they start doubletiming, and then they share the third verse, doubletiming. Awesome. SpongeBozz furthermore sings the song's poppy yet brutal chorus. All of that backed by a crazy good beat. - Martin_Canine

2 Blutdiamanten
3 Schusswaffengeräusche
4 Endlösung
5 Empire Business
6 Time Is Money
7 Fahrenheit
8 Boss der Bosse
9 Hoodtales IV
10 F*ck dein Fame

The Contenders

11 Showtime
12 Selfmade Kings
13 John Gotti
14 Bye Bye Mr. President
15 Intro (Zuhältertape)

Wrong audio sample (that of Zuhältertape Vol. 4).
This is supposed to be the intro of the first Zuhältertape. - Martin_Canine

16 Kuck Auf Die Goldkette

This is the wrong audio sample.
"Kuck auf die Goldkette" is a song from the first Zuhältertape, and this is what I added. On this list, "Kuck auf die Goldkette 2007", a sequel from the album "Alphagene", which has little to do with the original apart from the spoken intro and half of the chorus, was added by TheTopTens. - Martin_Canine

17 Kaputt Gemacht
18 Kalter Krieg
19 Nacht
20 Sommer
21 Millennium
22 180 Grad
23 Hiroshima
24 Internationaler Player
25 Nebel
26 Tropische Tierpelze
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