Linkin Park - One More Light Album Review

And a good day to you TopTenners! It’s time everyone, the post that all of you’ve been waiting for (or not, I don’t really care, just go along with it). Some of you know that I was quite the fan of Linkin Park growing up and they have been a big contributing factor to why I love music so much. So it is time I give my analysis on the new Linkin park album, One More Light. Some of you have already known that I made some reviews of Linkin Park’s new singles over the past few months. My overall critical response to them were mostly negative. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to review this record on the site but it seems some of you do want me to so here it is. The new album is released and everyone is trying it out. It is indeed a very polarizing record for most fans. It’s either an album that you were going to enjoy or just downright despise. So where am I at?

Take a guess…

The Analysis:
One More Light opens up to Nobody Can Save Me. It’s from there were we can see the overall style this album will play out. The song itself is quite poppy, but upon close inspection some guitars can be heard. It’s honestly one of the better tracks of this record, and it has a nice chorus too. For the majority of this album, I wasn’t too disgusted from what I heard but don’t worry there are definitely a few songs that broke that.

So let’s skip straight to the songs that I ended up disliking the most in this album. Starting with the second track, Good Goodbye. At first I enjoyed the song when it was initially released, solely because I finally heard Mike. But in reality, Mike isn’t that good in this song. In fact, this is the only song in the record that feature Mike’s rapping, and it happens to be one of his most mediocre verses ever. Then there’s Battle Symphony, in which I initially blasted it when it was released, and to say my feelings changed is an absolute lie. It still sucks as a song.

I was debating what could possibly be the worst song in this album and at first I was going to pick Heavy. That song is becoming sickeningly hard to get through. Out of all the singles, Heavy turned to be my least favorite. It is not only disappointing, it also is one of those songs that get worse and worse the more I listen to it. However, it is not the worst song to me. In fact, no song in this album was as bad as Halfway Right. Straight off from the bat, I quickly noticed how terrible the songwriting is. The song feels like a poor man’s Lana Del Ray song sung by a whiny voice from a bored Chester. When I listened to the album for the second time, to get a more critical view of it, this was the only song I skipped. I already knew how I felt about it.

So now, let’s discuss the songs I liked (or thought was at least decent). First we have the already mentioned Nobody Can Save Me, which was alright, One song that I see people praise is the third track, Talking To Myself. Honestly, I don’t like it as much. To me it feels, like a bad U2 song or a cheaply done Square Hammer. At least it was the most rock song-ish on the album and felt a little more at home. One song in particular that took me by surprise, was the title track, One More Light. I was actually quite surprised to hear a somberly beautiful track on this album. Chester sings quite well, his voice actually goes well with the soft and dreamy instrumental. I really liked this track a lot. If there was a song that I had to listen to from this album, it would be this one.

A lot of the other tracks on this record were honestly just very boring. Invisible was pleasant but forgettable, Sorry For Now had this stupid midsection with the high-pitched voice. I was seriously mouthing “what the f***” when I heard that. The last track, Sharp Edges, was so Mumford & Sons it hurt. Every cliché in a folk pop song is in that song.

One thing I forgot to mention was how mediocre some of the lyrics were. Reading through some of them, I was actually astonished at how garbage some of the are. Here’s an example:
“I scream at myself when there's nobody else to fight
I don't lose, I don't win, if I'm wrong, then I'm halfway right”
Um what? If you’re wrong, you’re wrong. There is no halfway in that. What does it mean to be halfway right anyway. It just seems like a lame attempt to seem metaphoric. Also the way he sings the “scream at myself” line is very laughable. Sounds like more of a parody on the edgy memes Linkin Park is joked with.

Also, notice how I’m not mentioning who is singing but most of you can still figure out I’m talking about Chester. That’s because Chester is pretty much the only one singing in this record. Mike appears in three songs, Good Goodbye, Invisible and Sorry For Now and he only raps in one of them, which I already said was a pretty mediocre verse. It’s like Mike didn’t want to be really much of a part of this record l. Maybe he was just too busy producing the record but the lack of Mike disturbed me. I honestly think Mike should just continue with his solo Fort Minor stuff, cause he is actually very good at rapping if he puts some effort. This album feels like the band needed a last minute rap verse from Mike so he just half assed it and called it a day.

Overall this album was not that impressive and fell flat in so many places. Only one track really stuck out to me and the rest ranged from alright to awful. This album had a some good ideas but terrible executions. It had a lot of wasted potential ruined due to the most overdone pop clichés. Linkin Park were just jumping on the trend train with this one. I don’t blame them however. When one of their most talented records is released only to be the weakest selling record of their discography, it feels like Linkin Park has just said, “f*** it, we tried to give them what they want but they still don’t care, let’s make a pop record”. Sadly this record wasn’t all that great either, and I’m expecting this to only sell a little more.

My final rating to this record is a 3/10 (Don’t recommend it, but half of you will check it out anyway, just out of curiosity)

That's all for today everyone. These were my overall thoughts on this new album by possibly one of the most important bands to influence my music taste. I am a little upset that I ended up not liking this record, but I have grown to like many more music than before that, at this point, I don't care. I'll still keep myself updated to all of their new works in the future years but I also will keep myself updated on all the other music artists I enjoy. I want to hear your thoughts on this record too, so leave a comment letting me know. Like I said, this is a very polarizing record. Anyways, thanks for stopping by and as always have a good day! :D


I never really listened to any Linkin Park and the reason why is because so many people dislike them. - Mcgillacuddy

They're worth a shot if you are really interested although I don't know how much you feel about Nu Metal. They used to be my favorite band back then so I have some of that nostalgia in me. - cjWriter1997

Good review. - ProPanda

If you have insomnia and want to go to sleep but can't listen to this album it's so boring it will make you fall asleep - christangrant

Linkin Park are the biggest influence to my music taste. But my tastes have evolved so fast and I don't listen to them anymore. Even when I was a die hard fan of them back in mid 2017, this album was a disappointment to me. I still respect them for influencing my life for the better, but now that Chester's gone, I think it's time they called it a day and go solo. - San_Lakshitha