Best Songs On Little Mix's Get Weird

The Top Ten Best Songs On Little Mix's Get Weird

1 Secret Love Song

I love it.
In my opinion, the one without Jason Derulo is the best as they show more emotion there

2 Black Magic
3 Hair

It's unfair that Hair is 4th because Hair it's the best in Get Weird

4 Weird People

It says be yourself

This song, love me or leave me, secret love song and grown are my favorites! - 23MACCAja

5 Grown

Such a fantastic, sassy song with a good beat. Great for singing with your girls

6 Love Me Like You

So good. - 23MACCAja

7 Love Me or Leave Me

This song should be higher up. This is a beautiful and strong ballad. Each one of them bring a specific emotion to the song. Their vocals are amazing! And the instrumentation is amazing!

My favorite song off of Get Weird

One of the best ever

8 Lightning

Just fantastic

9 I Love You
10 Omg

The Contenders

11 A.D.I.D.A.S

i love it

12 Secret Love Song PT II

I love that this song is so beautiful and is supposed to be an LGBT anthem

Sad and excellent song. - inhundredsoffandoms

Love This Song So Much!

I love this song

13 I Won't
14 Clued Up

This song is the best ever! It always means so much to me, makes me smile and is a really beautiful song. It is very underrated but I believe that if people really listened to this song, deep down they'll realise how many people can relate to it and how stunning it really is. Clued up should definitely be number 1

15 The End

This is their worst song on Get weird apart from the beginning - BounceBackHater

Deserves to be top 10! - 23MACCAja

16 The Beginning
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