Best Songs Made Exclusively for Brazil's 2014 FIFA World Cup

These songs are amazing! Some of them are pretty unknown but can be found on youtube. You should listen them! I wished all of them were part of the official Brasil's world cup album.

The Top Ten

1 Ejo Ole - Tim David Weller

Such an outstanding wonderfully brilliant song! It should be the official anthem of this world cup! - keyson

2 Vida - Ricky Martin

In fact Elijah Wood was the songwriter, winner of the Supersong Contest. Cheerful song! - keyson

3 The World Is Ours - Aloe Blacc & David Correy

This is the song sponsored by Coca Cola. Like Wavin' Flag on South Africa 2010. - keyson

4 Voices - Nelson Emokpae
5 We Are One - Nik Salazar We Are One - Nik Salazar Cover Art
6 We Are One - Pitbull We Are One - Pitbull Cover Art

This is the Official FIFA World Cup Song. It is good, though there are much better ones that should have been the Official ones. - keyson

7 Esto Es Mundial - Finks
8 Dare (La la La) - Shakira Dare (La la La) - Shakira Cover Art

Must be FIFA 2014 Brazil's Official Anthem, insted of (we are one)

9 Macarooney - D&OD / Street League Macarooney - D&OD / Street League Cover Art

A reworked version of Macarena as an ode to Wayne Rooney

10 FIFA Cup - Rodrigo Alexey

The Contenders

11 The Beautiful Game - Sam Kwon
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