Best Songs from Marina and the Diamonds' the Family Jewels

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1 I Am Not a Robot I Am Not a Robot

The song that introduced me to this phenomenal artist. I aw you my life "I am not a robot"! - mood333

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2 Oh No! Oh No!

This was my first Marina song, I discovered her back in 2010.. As of today, I'll always love it to death.

3 Mowgli's Road Mowgli's Road V 1 Comment
4 Shampain Shampain

This song is so dramatic and melancholy but is super catchy with amazing lyrics.

5 Hermit the Frog Hermit the Frog

It's true. She's one of the best alternative singers ever, and her songs are so lovable to the point that you can't get tired of them

Oh my goodness, who on earth could EVER pick a favorite of hers?

6 Numb Numb

I shed tears to this song.. It's so sad and painfully underrated.

This the most intense song by marina I love it

Way too underrated! Best song ever!

7 Hollywood Hollywood V 1 Comment
8 Rootless Rootless

I love it! I actually like hermit the frog better but I picked this one because it is so underrated

Everyone hates this song, I s2g. It's honestly very sad, I wonder why it's so underrated

9 Obsessions Obsessions

Having OCD, I can relate to this song a lot. It's so hollow, and moody, it's one of my favourites off TFJ. I watched her perform live, and I shed tears when she played this. All she needs is a keyboard and her elegant voice to be one of the best alternative singers EVER.

10 The Outsider The Outsider

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11 Seventeen Seventeen
12 Girls Girls
13 Are You Satisfied? Are You Satisfied?

Do I need to lie to make my way in life? I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH

My favourite song on this album next to Shampain. This song shows how Marina used to feel compared to how she feels now in the song Happy, and is one of the most underrated songs.

14 Guilty Guilty
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