Best Songs from Marina and the Diamonds' Froot

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1 I'm a Ruin

Best song on the album hands down

This song is perfect

A Masterpiece. - mood333

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2 Happy

BEST SONG EVER - PrehistoricAztec

This song is awesome! I sing it in the shower every day!

This song made me cry. I watched her perform live, and teared up when she played this song. It's about finding happiness. I've been a fan for years, and I remember when she was depressed, fighting with herself, and now here she is, accepting herself. She went from singing ''It's my problem if I have no friends and feel I wanna die'' to ''Finally, I have found a way to be happy".

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3 Froot

The 80s electronic sound, the contrast of the deep and acute versions of Marina's voice together in make an original, sweet, electronic and addictive song. I literally can't stop listening to it, someone help me.

This song is iconic. I could listen to it forever without getting sick of it. It's a weird and wonderful song that Marina has given us.

I just love singing the line "Livin la loche vida..."

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4 Savages

Ahh this song is amazing! And it's so true

Pure perfection! Marina's amazing vocals combined with thought provoking lyrics! 💖 - kaitlynrad11

Savages should be number one. It's the best on the album. Humans have been monsters these days, we've been committing horrible crimes, and we've had destructive mindsets.
<3 this, and <3 Marina for writing this song, and writing this beautiful, one-of-a-kind album, it's my favourite, other than The Family Jewels

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5 Solitaire

A beautiful, moody song, which is about finding solitude and peace

This Song is awesome! - mood333

Love the track sm

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6 Blue

It's such an upbeat song, yet the lyrics are so sad.. I LOVE IT..

This song is my bop! AH LOVE MARINA

This is the best song off he album

It sounds so happy but the lyrics are not so--
i love it in everyway and I find myself listening to it everyday

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7 Immortal

I mean, I'm so into this song, the way she changes her voice during the song is amazing, I really don't get why this song is so underrated!

A very depressing, dark song, which is about the want to live forever. I find it interesting how the album starts with 'Happy' and ends with 'Immortal'

"But if the Earth ends in fire
And the seas are frozen in time
There'll be just one survivor
The memory that I was yours and you were mine"
I've ALWAYS loved these lines the most. But I could never really relate to this song personally until I met my boyfriend, the love of my life. I have never wanted to be immortal. I find that notion depressing. Or at least I did. And then I met him and well, "If I could buy forever at a price, I would buy it twice" because this life is the only time I'll know him and I never want that to end. When we die, I believe in an afterlife and he doesn't. So, I wish I could buy forever twice to always be with him. - theOpinionatedOne

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8 Gold

I looove this song! So underrated

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9 Weeds

Should be in top 5

I don't get why Solitaire and this one are so underrated?! They are REALLY good. - mood333

God, why is this so underrated? It's so beautiful. Her vocals are heavenly, and the guitar solo just makes the song better. I wish she performed it when I saw her live at NNT

Why didn't she perform this during NNT? Honestly, it's one of the most underrated songs on the album.

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11 Better Than That

But you can do better than that


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12 Can't Pin Me Down

The lyrics are so good :D

Definitely my favourite from this album!

''Do you really want me to write a feminist anthem? I'm happy cooking dinner in the kitchen for my husband.'', oh how I adore this song

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