Best Songs from Marshall Mathers LP 1 & 2


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1 Stan V 1 Comment
2 Rap God

Over 1400 words in 6 minutes, THIS has got to be the best song by Eminem

No just no rapping fast doesn't mean good rapping - Hiimme

Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Jdawg97

3 The Way I Am

5th? Lol you guys are so funnyyy

4 The Real Slim Shady
5 Criminal
6 Drug Ballad
7 Survival
8 Berzerk
9 Marshall Mathers
10 Kill You

The Contenders

11 Headlights
12 Evil Twin

Amazing song!

How can anyone not like this song

You don't know what a good song is until you've listened to Evil Twin.


V 1 Comment
13 Bad Guy

This is Em's storytelling at its finest.

V 1 Comment
14 Legacy
15 Brainless
16 Stronger Than I Was

Haha oh god this song is so audotuned

Great Song

17 So Far...
18 The Monster
19 Under the Influence

LAST?! Are you KIDDING ME?! This song is awesome! The chorus is funny and the rapping is great from all of D12! Do people not have a sense of humour?

20 Groundhog Day
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