Best Songs from Marshall Mathers LP 1 & 2


The Top Ten

1 Stan


2 Rap God

Over 1400 words in 6 minutes, THIS has got to be the best song by Eminem

No just no rapping fast doesn't mean good rapping - Hiimme

Marshall Mathers LP 2 - Jdawg97

3 The Way I Am

5th? Lol you guys are so funnyyy

4 The Real Slim Shady
5 Criminal
6 Drug Ballad
7 Survival
8 Berzerk
9 Marshall Mathers
10 Kill You

The Contenders

11 Headlights
12 Evil Twin

Amazing song!

How can anyone not like this song

You don't know what a good song is until you've listened to Evil Twin.


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13 Legacy
14 Bad Guy

This is Em's storytelling at its finest.

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15 Brainless
16 Stronger Than I Was

Haha oh god this song is so audotuned

Great Song

17 So Far...
18 The Monster
19 A**hole

Actually a good song. The title is misleading. Who would buy a song called A**hole?

20 Under the Influence

LAST?! Are you KIDDING ME?! This song is awesome! The chorus is funny and the rapping is great from all of D12! Do people not have a sense of humour?

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