Best Songs On Mastodon's Leviathan

The Top Ten Best Songs On Mastodon's Leviathan

1 Blood and Thunder

I personally don't understand why Blood and thunder is so popular. - Gamefreak23788

1. Blood and Thunder
2. Megalodon
3. Hearts Alive
4. Iron Tusk
5. Seabeast
6. Aqua Dementia
7. Naked Burn
8. I Am Ahab
9. Island
10. Joseph Merrick

2 Hearts Alive

They are all high rated songs by me, but Hearts Alive stands out as eerie and epic

7 is ridiculous, the best song of the abum seriously

3 Megalodon
4 Iron Tusk

Can't get this out of my head!

5 Naked Burn
6 Seabeast
7 Aqua Dementia

Really shows the thrashy side of the band, and as a big fan of both Mastodon and thrash metal, it's a perfect song for me. - MaxdaP1MP92

8 I Am Ahab
9 Island
10 Joseph Merrick
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