Best Songs From Mika's Life In Cartoon Motion


The Top Ten

1 Grace Kelly

Love this song as much as I love MIKA

Mika is so underrated. I mean this song took America by storm I heard. be sure to check out the other version when mika sung his best hits an orchestra. search up 'mika grace kelly orchestra' and prepare to be amazed! I am so glad he has the gift of the high voice, or this song would have never existed! LOVE IT!

2 Relax (Take It Easy)

Sorry, I don't know what the big deal is about this song.

3 Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

One of the few songs that go for 4 minutes. It is JUST like queen-fat bottomed girls. So catchy, know all the words. Love it. Can I have a diet coke and a pizza please? No diet coke?! I'm on my knees screaming big girls you are beautiful! This song will never get old!

4 My Interpretation
5 Stuck In the Middle
6 Lollipop
7 Happy Ending
8 Over My Shoulder
9 Billy Brown
10 Love Today

The Contenders

11 Any Other World
12 Erase

Awww, love it! #erase my love I bet you can't erase my touch you are trying to replace a figure without a name in somebody else's face in your head. eraaassee, eraaassseee, eraaassseee. come on guys, this is so mika!

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