Best Songs From Motorpsycho's The Death Defying Unicorn

The Death Defying Unicorn is the fifteenth full-length studio album by the Norwegian band Motorpsycho, released on 10 February 2012 via Rune Grammofon and Stickman Records. It is a collaboration with Ståle Storløkken, and also features Ola Kvernberg, Trondheimsolistene and the Trondheim Jazz Orchestra.

The Top Ten

1 Through the Veil

This song is absolutely incredible in basically every respect, and is a serious contender for my favourite song of all time. The way the intro continues building up is masterfully executed, and I love the groove created by the multiple saxophones throughout. The main guitar riff is also incredibly reminiscent of Black Sabbath, which sounds really cool when being backed by the kind of instrumentation it is. The amount of transitions throughout, constantly staying within the same kind of chaotic kind of sound, while also constantly differentiating itself is nothing short of amazing. - kempokid

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2 Mutiny!

An epic, climactic song that is quite different to anything else on the album due to its much more straightforward approach that is taken. Despite this approach, I do find this to be one of the best songs on the album, due to how amazing it sounds, perfectly combining the orchestras present to create an awesome, classic sounding prog rock song. - kempokid

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3 Into the Gyre

I love the calming melody of the first few minutes, it having an almost lullaby like quality to it. The strings excellently pick up at around the 4 minute mark and continue nicely until the 6 minute mark, where everything becomes quite frantic. The story that is told just using music is absolutely amazing. - kempokid

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4 Into the Mystic

I find it interesting and awesome how this starts off with a reprise of the main riff from the Hollow Lands, although the violin solo that accompanies it is great. My favourite part is definitely once this repeated section ends however, as the following instrumental sections are exceptional, and close the album perfectly. - kempokid

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5 The Hollow Lands

The immediate wall of sound that is created from the start is amazing. The drumming is incredibly chaotic, and the constant riff over the discordant backing instrumentals is really cool. Once the vocals kick in, I appreciate the way this noise disappears and makes way for some much more restrained instrumentation. - kempokid

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6 Sharks

Songs like this really show just how much can be gotten from extremely minimal amounts of musical complexity. This one manages to give a sense of hopelessness and isolation through the limited use of any instrumentals outside of a minimalistic, repetitive string section. This of course all changes in the final couple of minutes, where everything becomes more intense to somewhat reflect shark thrashing about madly. - kempokid

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7 La Lethe

Another song that is simply one gigantic soundscape, this one being my personal favourite however. Everything about it is quite unsettling to me, and it definitely feels as if the characters are stranded in the middle of the ocean without any hope, once again proving the vivid imagery that can be created in music. - kempokid

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8 Oh Proteus - A Prayer

Quite an ominous, eerie song that gradually build up over the entirety of the fairly long length of it. Very minimalistic in many ways, as for the most part, the vocals remain more or less alone, with only some atmospheric instrumentation to back it up, providing an interesting listen. - kempokid

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9 Out of the Woods

From the very first notes, the song establishes just how bizarre the album is going to be, and how it will sound in general. The utilisation of both the string, and jazz orchestra really sets up the complex orchestration that will be found throughout, and sounds ominous to say the least. - kempokid

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10 Oh Proteus - A Lament

I find this to be an incredibly powerful song, despite it only lasting for a minute. There is a lot of emotion to be found in the vocals, and it sounds amazing. - kempokid

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