Best Songs Off Falling In Reverse's Just Like You

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Brother Brother Cover Art

This song is the best one of the whole album. The feelings in this song are amazing, and it's just so calm yet so deep.

Chemical Prisoner Chemical Prisoner Cover Art

Oh my god I love this song, this song is so calm and it's just everything I can't

God, If You Are Above... God, If You Are Above... Cover Art
Wait and See Wait and See Cover Art
Just Like You Just Like You Cover Art
Sexy Drug Sexy Drug Cover Art

I. Cannot. Get. Over. How. Amazing. This. Song. Is.

Get Me Out Get Me Out Cover Art
The Bitter End The Bitter End Cover Art

This song has it all

Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter) Guillotine IV (The Final Chapter) Cover Art
Stay Away Stay Away Cover Art
The Contenders
Die for You Die for You Cover Art
My Heart's to Blame My Heart's to Blame Cover Art

Got a really good Instrumental..

My Apocalypse II My Apocalypse II Cover Art
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