Top Ten Songs On Opeth's Watershed


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1 Hessian Peel

I'm glad that Hessian Peel is top. The opening part is so amazing, and the middle soft section is cool too. Then there's a melody that plays like a lullaby. Then a transition, and boom. It's brutal all of a sudden. There's a ripping guitar solo, and then one of the best Opeth riffs of all time. That riff sounds like it was written during the Blackwater Park sessions! Then we have some Opeth tropes that are also cool. Awesome song.

Best song in my opinion

Definitely the best song, Burden and Porcelain Heart are the most mainstream. - Gamefreak23788

Who are the idiots voting on this list? like my god, how is this not #1?

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2 Burden
3 Porcelain Heart

Love it the heavy beggining and peaceful second part then it goes like that until the middle of the song love it

4 The Lotus Eater
5 Heir Apparent

In my opinion
7. Coil - short but very beautiful and has a female vocals in it. Beautiful
6. Heir Apparent- even though I voted for it and its low on my list it kicks ass with the guitars and brutal vocals
5. Hex Omega- I love how its not a boring beautiful piece like coil. Its like a longer version of it with heavy moments
4. Porcelain Heart - a little similar to hex omega but heavier and longer. I love it
3. Burden - very beautiful and soft. You can lie down and relax to this
2. The Lotus Eater - it has the mixture of soft and brutal vocals and the guitars holy $#! T
1. Hessian Peel - the longest song from this album and pretty much tied with burden and the lotus eater. Its very beautiful and dark for the first 5 and a half minutes then it gets brutal. It's a mixture of progressive rock/metal and death metal ( of course) kicks ass so does this whole album

Perfectly blends classical music with very intense heavy metal music. This song proves that Opeth are brilliant, and extremely talented with their music. Underrated song, for sure.

The guitars are just brutal

6 Hex Omega
7 Coil

The female vocals were beautiful

8 Bridge of Sighs
9 Derelict Herds
10 Den Ständiga Resan
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