Top Ten Songs On Opeth's Watershed


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1 Hessian Peel

NO WAY! This is probaly the best. The ausome beginning and the brutal end

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2 Burden
3 The Lotus Eater
4 Porcelain Heart

Love it the heavy beggining and peaceful second part then it goes like that until the middle of the song love it

5 Hex Omega
6 Heir Apparent

In my opinion
7. Coil - short but very beautiful and has a female vocals in it. Beautiful
6. Heir Apparent- even though I voted for it and its low on my list it kicks ass with the guitars and brutal vocals
5. Hex Omega- I love how its not a boring beautiful piece like coil. Its like a longer version of it with heavy moments
4. Porcelain Heart - a little similar to hex omega but heavier and longer. I love it
3. Burden - very beautiful and soft. You can lie down and relax to this
2. The Lotus Eater - it has the mixture of soft and brutal vocals and the guitars holy $#! T
1. Hessian Peel - the longest song from this album and pretty much tied with burden and the lotus eater. Its very beautiful and dark for the first 5 and a half minutes then it gets brutal. It's a mixture of progressive rock/metal and death metal ( of course) kicks ass so does this whole album

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7 Coil

The female vocals were beautiful

8 Derelict Herds
9 Den Ständiga Resan
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