Best Songs On Our Lady Peace's Clumsy

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1 Superman's Dead

Dude! This is like the best song on this album! This is better than carnival by just a little in my opinion. this song meant a lot to me when I first heard this album at about fourteen years old. I heard it just in time. this album as a whole basically saved my life if I think about it.

2 Carnival

This should be the number one song on the album because the lyrics and tune are amazing. still good at 2.

My favorite O.L.P. song of all time!

3 4am

This song saved the relationship between my mom and I.

4 Story of 100 Aisles

This is a good song with a very unique riff.

5 Hello Oskar

This song basically describes me completely.

Dude! My favorite shirt is the one that raine maida is wearing on the back of the album! GREAT STYLE MAN! ! !

6 Car Crash

Should easily be n the top 3. This is probably the best album ending by our lady peace.

Tired and jaded have you been there? ? Have you been there? ?

The beginning is a bit slow but it comes around

Epic guitar solo and ending to this song.
Excellent album ending by the our lady peace.

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7 Automatic Flowers

What is this song doing so low?

8 Clumsy

This is one of best title track I have ever heard!

Dis gotta be higher bro!

9 Big Dumb Rocket

This should be a wee bit higher.

Yep dis should be higher

10 Shaking

This has a good chorus.


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11 Let You Down

This should be higher.

This is currently my favorite song on the clumsy album. don't know what its doing in last place.

This is a great song. should be deep into the top ten.

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