Top Ten Songs Participating in the Supersong Contest

Here are the best songs for the contest. I resigned to enter the competition for they asked for some things I didn't agree with. However, my song had such high opportunity! I wished I participated!

The Top Ten

1 Esto es Mundial - Finks

Though it may only be a hit for Latin Countries, this is surely the best song and the one that fits the most with Brazil's world cup. Lyrics could be better, but the song's amazing. - keyson

2 Todo Mundo - Sao Vpop

So Brazilian style! It's the one that fits the most with Brazil. However, it lacks a little in "hit" possibilities. I wish these songs the best luck. - keyson

3 The Dream - Fer Silvera

It's an excellent video. It's so much like reggaeton from the Caribean - keyson

4 The Game of Your Life - Bernardo Falcone

Nice song by a great songwriter. - keyson

Hello Keyson. Never heard of any of these songs but I voted this just because I love the title! - Britgirl

5 Campeones - Johnny Silvestry

Great songwriter. Has a lot of potential. - keyson

6 Take Me High - Laura Zarb

I don't imagine this one as the song for the FIFA World Cup, but I can tell she's an amazing songwriter. - keyson

7 Just get It - Nipur
8 Take The Glory - WIND

Nice piece of Britpop - keyson

9 Mas Que Un Juego - Patricio Hernandez

Great musicians, but the song could be a little better - keyson

10 Unamos al Mundo - Alejandro Falcone

Nice songwriting! Lyrics are ok and music is more than fine! This has chances, but it's in Spanish... And I don't imagine as an international hit song - keyson

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