Best Songs On Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother

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1 Atom Heart Mother

Amazing. The cover is so misleading because whereas it is very simple and straightforward, the song is so complex and ambient. The cow's blank stare somehow invites the listener to explore this masterpiece.

Amazing song, I fall asleep to it every night. - Doom

This song is 23 min. full of pshychedelic (I think I spell it wrong) and symphony but I wish it had lyrics but still a good song

2 If

Kind of relaxing great song and great album

It's so relaxing it makes me calm. - SammySpore

3 Fat Old Sun

Very underrated should be top 3

Epic guitar solo

Cool song

4 Summer '68

One of the best songs ever written by Rick Wright. Should get more attention - DarkSideOfDragons

Cool song all good but alans breakfest

What? this is way better than If or AHM Suite. This is pink Floyd at their finnest.

5 Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast

Sure the song is boring, but then again a lot of Pink Floyd songs are boring, and it is extremely well done.

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1. Atom Heart Mother
2. Summer '68
3. Fat Old Sun
1. Atom Heart Mother
2. Summer '68
3. If
1. Atom Heart Mother
2. If
3. Fat Old Sun

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