Best Songs from Riverside's Out of Myself

Out of Myself is the first full-length album by progressive rock / metal band Riverside released on 21 September 2004. It was first released under The Laser's Edge and is the first album in the boxed set Reality Dream Trilogy

The Top Ten

1 The Same River

An amazingly beautiful, atmospheric song that from the very start uses some absolutely lovely instrumentation, especially of the guitar, which keeps increasing in intensity before the tempo and groove completely changes as the bass becomes more prominent. Once the vocals kick in, the already great song is taken to a new level. - kempokid

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2 Ok

I find this song to be incredibly beautiful, with such an amazing amount of emotion to be found within. The chorus in particular just hits me so hard to the point where it feels like I could just melt - kempokid

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3 Reality Dream II

I like this one more than the first Reality Dream, as I find this one to have a much better drive to it, along with having superior riffs. Extremely cool sounding all around. - kempokid

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4 I Believe

After an atmospheric intro, some beautiful guitar work flows in. The song is somewhat repetitive, but the song still remains beautiful despite this. - kempokid

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5 Curtain Falls

A longer song that while being fairly similar throughout, has its fair share of great moments from the guitar and bass, and the song doesn't drag at any point either. - kempokid

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6 Reality Dream

An awesome instrumental with nice, heavy riffs and a great bassline. I appreciate this moment of heaviness on what is a fairly mellow album for the most part. - kempokid

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7 In Two Minds

I really like the vocal melodies in this, and find the chorus in particular to be quite enjoyable. - kempokid

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8 Out of Myself

I find the bassline to be great, and the repeated whispering to be quite cool in general. The song has quite an eerie feel to it, with the shrill synths to add another great element to the track. - kempokid

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9 Loose Heart

A fairly similar sounding song taking many similar elements from previous songs, giving this one very little identity, although the ending is quite intense and cool. - kempokid

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