Best Songs On Slipknot's .5: The Gray Chapter

Best Songs of Slipknots album the gray chapter. This album is really great. Probably the best album of 2014 if not the whole decade so far. It's up there with Slipknot and Iowa for sure. Vote for your favorite songs.

The Top Ten

1 The Negative One

Not bad

Fast paced and kickass

This song is a beast!


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2 The Devil In I

Epic bass and melody

#2 best slipknot song

I love how almost all the song if raw screaming and the chorus is more melodic. It mixes corey's different voices and it's just awesome. Probably my favorite song off the album with AOV. It became one of Slipknot classics and it's a piece of art. The video is good too. - Wolf92xd

This is a song that mixes Corey's classic screams and Melodic vocals and as for the instruments, they are a mix of the sounds from other classics like Left Behind, My Plague, and Psychosocial.

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3 Custer

The pure Slipknot as I Know! - Guisss81

Listener's aggression is advised

I haven't heard a song from them like this since Spit it out, Sic, or People=Sh*t.

Best Song ever! Nominated for 2016 Grammy Awards

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4 Killpop

This song is so bloody awesome! I can't get enough of this song. The intro is really catchy as is Corey's vocals. I have no complaints about this song - Danielsun182

If satan was real, this would probably be his favorite song.

In a good way.

Melodic, catchy and great video. This is Killpop.


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5 Nomadic

The chorus is incredible, and the fact that it's pretty melodic is an incredible contrast with the rest of the song, and the solos are bliss.

Best riff in the album and that's saying something

Great Riff, it's very aggressive, and exciting

The best Chorus ever! So much drive :D

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Man, I'm very surprised to see it down here at number six. I love this song, I think is one of the most powerful songs on the album (If not the most) competing with The Devil In I and Lech. I like almost all the songs in the album, but those three are really special to me. I voted this one to get it way up. It deserves it at least the third place. If you haven't heard it, you must. It's really awesome. - Wolf92xd

I agree that the top six should be AOV, The devil in I, Sarcastrophe, Nomadic, Custer and the negative one. AOV should be higher up though in my opinion.

It's my favourite Slipknot song of all times. The Chorus is perfect, some of Coreys best Vocals, it has a bass solo, cool electronic noises and there is an certain atmosphere that reflects the mood of the whole album perfectly. Plus it is so varied.

Good song.

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7 Sarcastrophe

One of those Slipknot songs that has a Death Metal vibe to it. Anyone, it's my favorite in this album, thanks to Corey's use of harsh vocals and occasional death growls and the instrumentals are pretty rough and fast. The best thing about this song is that it makes me appreciate Death Metal to some extent (Call it Nu-Metal, but that's how I think). - CrimsonShark

How is this all the way down here?! Excellent guitar work on this track, combined with Great drumming and vocal work. What's not to like?

Deserves top 3

This is one of the best sonfs on here I think this should be at lease 3 or 2

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8 If Rain is What You Want

If rain is what you want. Just take your seats, enjoy the fall

This track deserves to be a single. Very damn underrated. - Mumbizz01

Gets me so pumped

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9 Skeptic

About pall gray and the chorus is just amazing and really catchy

The chorus is probably one of slipknots best

ARE you kidding me? This song is amazing! R.I.P. Paul Gray

10 The One that Kills the Least

This is actually my favourite song

Should be higher for sure

It’s by far the best.

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The Contenders

11 Goodbye

How is this 11? , this is second

11?! This song is just epic, though it's very slow - Philipp606

Corey Taylor slow songs are the best. This deserves to be at least in the top 10.

2nd after devil in i

12 XIX

Dude, have you heard be prepared for hell?

Eternal love for XIX, it is a masterpiece! My favorite song of my album.

Second best song on the album after devil in I - danimey

Best intro song ever

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13 Lech

Loved this one also... Badass!

Why do you people always vote The Devil In I? I mean, I agree, it's an awesome song and it sure deserves number 1 in this list. But Lech is better than the one that kills the least, goodbye, skeptic, if rain is what you want and sarcastrophe. If I hadn't already voted AOV I'd voted this one. Come on people! this song is really good and is not even in the top ten, it deserves a better place. - Wolf92xd

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14 Override

Override, I have very special feelings for this song since is one of the songs I first heard from Slipknot when I first start hearing them. Whenever I hear it, it stills give me the first sensation of when I heard it for the first time. It's heavy, it's dark, and it pretty much represents what Slipknot was through when Paul died. It's awesome. At least it should be in the top five. - Wolf92xd

Best song ever <3 <3 <3 must listen the haunted atmosphere and awesome vocals.. so underrated :/

15 The Burden

It is pretty good fir a bonus track. Would deserve to be higher ranked than Be Prepared For Hell, The One That Kills The Least or If Rain Is What You Want

16 Be Prepared for Hell

Scary as hell but still good

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